Pima Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Not a lot of class times are offered for certain subjects at certain campuses


Not a lot of class times are offered for certain subjects at certain campuses


As a college freshman it is really hard to make friends. This is especially true if you don't live on campus. Usually it's just taking notes, listening to lectures or doing some other type of in class work, and there isn't much time left to socialize during a class. Or even after class for that matter, because everyone goes home and then we're swamped with homework--leaving no time to make friends! It makes for kind of a lonely first year of college.


The administration is the worst part about Pima community college in Tucson, Arizona. There are very few administrators, counsellors, and advisors that seem to care about the students and their academic futures. They often are short with students, and do not know how to help students find the correct prerequisites for their desired degrees, an example of this is when I was first starting my nursing degree, I needed to take a humanities class that fit in a certain criteria, and when I went to an advisor to advice, instead of helping me, they were short, and the told me to go to a information session that was meant for nursing students further into their degrees which was not helpful. Thank goodness my mother has a nursing degree from the same college so she helped me find that class that I needed to take.


The worst thing about my school is "the Financial Aid process" .


The worst thing about my school is the unorganization. You can call two different people with the same question and get completely different answers. It is also almost impossible to get any same day counseling or any kind of same day faculty help. I believe this is due to unorganized scheduling and filing of paperwork.


The food! It is greasy and slimey and overpriced adn leaves a... persnickety smell. My last spring semster I always had a classmate come in and come plain how they never had any food available during the rushes. Not only change the food but have more opptions for Pima does have hundres and hundres of students with all different types of appetites.


The academic advisors are not always clear when giving advice or looking up information about financial aid.




There seems to be a lot of car theft in bigger parking areas, also there are certain questions unanswered if you want to be a transfer student.


There isn't much to criticize regarding my current school, which is Pima Community College. If I had to choose one thing it might be the food. The food does not taste bad, but I wish there was more of a selection and diversity. Other than that I am pleased with the school.


the kids thers a lot of tham that did not have to work to get there so thay do not work to satay


Pima Community College is such a beuracracy, I wish they focused more on the students needs rather than having certain paperwork filled out and certain procedures to follow. There should be more emphasis on the student as a person not a number. I understand with the different campuses this is necessary, but there should be a better system in place.


I can not really say that Pima Community College has anything wrong with it. If anything negative can be said is the fact that on-campus food is expensive. Another thing is that the desks in some classes are small and it makes it difficult to have both a book and notebook at the same time. Finding a parking can be touch at times, but its only a matter of knowing where to look.


The worst thing about PimaCC is that there placement testing is on campus. I only say this because I live in Washington so on the holidays or summer if I was home and needed to register for classes but can't register without a placement test I would wait until I got back down to Arizona, then all of the classes that I want are taken.


The worst thing about Pima College is the parking! Not only are these all younge drivers, but they can be quite aggressive when it comes to a parking spot. Other than parking, I love my school!


only bad thing about my school is that it is a community college. i did not want to start at a community college i wanted to go strait to a university but i was not prepared. my advice would be to start preparing your jr year if not sooner. time moves fast.


The one thing I consider 'the worst' thing about my school is the information center. Long waiting are formed just to put your name on the sign-in sheet while people keep jumping ahead because they 'just have a simple question' while you wait and wait. A new method of setting an appointment with an advisor should be deviced, or maybe an area where frequently asked questions can be answered quickly. The sign-in sheet should be made available with a time slot and your place in line honored. Cell phones should be 'off' in these crowded areas.


I work full time which limits the times when I can attend classes. I have a dificult time getting into the classes I need, when I can take them. Lately they have been canceling the classes I need and have been able to get into. I am getting frustrated with how long it is going to take me to graduate at this rate.


Everything is getting more expensive. From books to living to transportation, the system demands a certain amount of financial liability from the students that can pose a burden to a students living arrangements or perhaps ultimately their ability to continue their education.


The worst thing about my school could possibly be that the community is small, and it is not as the big change you are waiting for when you are in high school and about to graduate.


There are different classes at different campuses and my classes are only offered at the campus farthest from me. It would be nice if the classes I wanted were closer.


The fact that there is several campuses on the out-skirts of Tucson that have unique classes that can only be taken there.