Pima Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone looking for small class sizes


Anyone who wishes to better themselves either for a better career, or just for self satisfaction. This school is open and accepting of all people from all backgrounds.


A person who is trying to get as much schooling out of the way as possible, if not everything.


Study, ask questions and study more.


Anybody who wants a good education but who also either cannot afford or wants to save on the skyrocketing college prices in this country, those who want professors and teachers willing to actively engage and encourage engagement with the class, and those who want a more gentle learning curve while going from high school to college.


I think any kind of person should be able to attend this school without facing anymajor problems.


A kind of person which i would consider to attend is someone who wants to persue a succesful future. Someone who has goals in life and who is willing to work for what he or she wants. Attending college isnt an easy step if you dont have your parents help, one example would be myself. Through out high school i had a dream of becomeing an Architect but my dream faded over the year. I found that college and persuing a degree cost a lot of money, but how i am willing to make this possible i keep trying.


School. It isn't just that place you must attend. It should be that place you want to attend. It is for the individual that not only questions the world around them, but also seeks answers to those questions. Whether it be a specific educational degree for a career or just a few general studies courses to help figure out a career, Pima Community college is a gathering ground for people who value education and the significant difference it will make in their life.


A person who fits in the following criteria is a person who should attend Pima Community College. An individual who is willing to focus, be disciplined and maintain a good point average. This is due to the mandatory subjects and homework assigned that has to be turned in on time. There is a high expectation towards the students. The College motto is if the students want to reach their goal; than the students have to be willing to do the work in order to graduate and reach their career goal.


Anyone who wants to really learn something and not just go to college for "the experience" should go to any community college, not just Pima Community College. This is because in my personal opinion students who are really serious pick up the most information in community college because they're less students and teacher and professors can focus more of their time and energy on each student individualy.


Any person open to diversity would like this school. Instructors and students come from so many different kinds of ethnic backgrounds and beliefs. It is a small school, but it has many different campuses to choose from, and each is so unique in what they have to offer. If a person is looking for a quiet, small city this is the place for them. And if you are planning to transfer to a university, we have one in Tucson as well, so you don't have to go anywhere.


The kind of person that would attend this school is some one that has a goal for themselves in pursuing their career in extending their education while still working their current jobs to be a part of society.


Any one who wants to get undergraduate requirements out of the way before transferring to a bacceulerate program should attend this school. Also anyone that would like a certificate for employment or an associates degree should attend Pima. There is also a program for adults returning to school after many years, such as myself, who may need a little help getting acclamated to the school setting. This program is called the PROGRESS! program, and it seems to be very helpful!


One who wants to explore their options of different majors and of their interests. If a student is undecided, through the many different courses that are offered they can narrow down what field of study they would like to pursue.


One who is looking for many choices for careers and majors.


A person who needs to get the general education done for transferring to a 4-year universities to further his/her education. A community college was a great opportunity for a person like me who works full-time and still wanted to go to school. I was able to get over 60 credit hours in less than 2 years.


Person who has a vision for their future, who think that they can do something for the betterment of their life by joining college can join .Beside this who are interested in somekind of major and are afraid to go to univesity directly can join here as a transfer student and complete their associtate before transfering to university