Pima Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People that have finished their general education requirements for an associates degree should not attend pima community college because they do not offer degrees higher than an associates.




Pima Community College is a great school for students who seek personal attention from professors. Unlike a university, a community college is much smaller. Sometimes when a student has a question they don't ask simply because they feel uncomfortable or the professor won't listen because there are too many students and can't please everyone. Since I like getting to know my professors and I normally ask a lot of questions, I've come to realize that Pima Community College is a great learning environment for me and maybe for others who seek the same attention.


I feel if someone doesnt want to persue a dream why make them come to college. College is a place to learn, to persue a dream its something serious that people should understand. This is the future and we have to prepare for bigger opportunity.


Like most schools of higher education, the colleges I've attended require a lot of effort to be made by the student in order for them to succeed. In the past year I have experienced both a University and just recently started at a community college, and while the environments are very different, they are both designed to help those who want to make progress. If you have no purpose and no motivation, especially at the schools I've attended, you will probably fail. When it comes down to it, it's all up to the student to work hard.


The person that shouldn?t attend this school is a person who is looking more for a university experience. Since this school is a community college, it does not come with the various activities you would find at a university. It does not have a big sports following. Dorm life is virtually non-existent. Only one of the five campuses has a student Dormitory. School spirit is also non-existent. Most of the people that attend this school usually transfer to a university within two years.


Since I go to a 2 year community college it is strickly for people who are looking to transfer to a University or for general education classes that help with the transition to a major university. People who are already decided in thier major that requires more credible classes should not attend this school unless they are transfering.


If you are lazy and not dedicated to pursuing your educational goals, then you should not attend Pima Community College, in fact you should not be attending any kind of school. You need to be dedicated and self-motivating to attend any school. If you want to go far in life, make a living for yourself and your future family, then you should attend Pima Community College.


Not a possible question everyone is still capiable of learning!


I think the kind of person that shouldn't attend this school are the people who have the money to go to a university or wants to learn a lot more than what is offered at the community college


The kind of person who shouldn't attend is somebody who really wants a college experience with dorms, library, cafeteria meals and meeting people from all over the United States and abroad


Pima Community College is really a place for everyone. It does take work, but not as much as one would expect. Plus, what is really great about Pima is the resources they have for students including free computer and internet use, and free tutoring. They have a variety of campuses all over town to fit different needs. It's a good place to start your education.


a person that should not attend this school would be someone that wanted to pay twice as much per credit hour, and this person would really perfer more than 26students in a given classroom.