Pima Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give myself is to not be so timid. I will encourage myself to take chances and make bold decisions. This would help me get more experience with any task I have at hand but also allow me to be more noticable. I would also advise myself to be prepared for the cost of tuiton as tuiton prices are constantly rising with no end in site. To look into scholarships, grants, and various other types of financial aid opportunities as soon as possible.


Knowing what I know now I would go back and tell me former self to enjoy my free time because in college and my adult life I will find it harder to find that free time.  I would warn myself on the difficulty with an online math class and the inability to ask for and get immediate help.  I would counsel myself to start and finish my homework in a more timely manner, that I could not get away with doing my homework the night before it was due and if I started feeling overwhelmed it is OK to miss a day or two as long as I was up to date with my work.  I would encourage myself to use the office hours my professor has set aside for help and to make friends in all of my classes.


It's not as intimidating and scary as it all seems; whether it is a college application, job interview, or anything else just know that nerves are normal and that everything is going to end up OK. Also push yourself out of your comfort zones. College has so many oppurtunties to offer: why not step outside of what you know and take advantage of what is offered to you (especially if it is free). And lastly, it is ok to cry. Cry all the time, as much as you want. It is a vehement stress reliever and afterwards you feel like a new person and ready to tackle anything that comes your way. College is going to open so many oppurtunties to you:TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM ALL! And make a few life long friends a long the way.


Don't be a procrastinator because that trait will be your worst enemy when you go off to college. It's easy to just click the computer on and forget about the Mt. Everest of homework while serfing the sweet waves of the internet, but that won't benefit you at all. Talk to others by joining a club or volunteering, and don't be afraid to fail or be rejected. Don't forget that college costs money either (you'll find that your funds will quickly be depleted) and don't stop applying for scholarships to pay for school. Make time for friends; you don't have many and those that you do should know that you appreciate them. Hobbies are also important or you'll become as mad as a hatter and spout jabberwocky. Finally, and most importantly, believe in yourself! Doubt is natural, and you're going to wonder if you're making the correct choices in life over a million times before you find your calling. Don't be discouraged simply because one thing did not work out. You'll find where you are supposed to be in due time and have to be patient.


Transitioning to college is scary but you can do it. Focus on school and help yourself. Don’t try to help others before you finish college. You will be more useful to others with a degree then without one. Also don’t be afraid of taking the hard classes. They will be challenging but well worth your time and effort. And if you ever get stuck in your coursework don’t be afraid to ask for help from a friend or a tutor. They will help you tremendously achieve your goals. I know you are a very shy person but get over it. Going through college will help you overcome this and make you a stronger person.


Don't stop going just because you wanna make money. I did that and set myself behind many years. Even though you are making money now it doesn't mean you always will. Stick it out and finish, and you will have a better future int he long run.


Do not be scared to ask for help, and to reach out for a helping hand. Your going to need it. Take in every moment you can. Enjoy it, but do your work. Keep up the great work, you've come so far; and you will go so much further if you keep pushing.




Work hard and do not think that you are incapable of conquering big work loads! College will be hard and you will have to manage your time, money and other resources with your degree in mind.


If I could give the high school me any advise I would tell myself to get a job in a hospital immediatly to discover where I'd like to work before finishing classes towards a job I might not be interested in. I would also tell myself to get loans, volunteer and do whatever it takes to remain a full time college student. I use to think that I could juggle a full time job and part time school but I ended up needed more classes and stressing too much over bills. Now I am motivated enough to know that I will do whatever it takes to finish as soon as I can because I never would've believed that at 24 I would still need 3 more years of school.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior is to enjoy every moment of it. Have fun, join clubs, run for royalty, take not only your required classes but electives that really interest you. Your senior year flies by and although your counting down the days till graduation do everything to make it a memorable last year of high school with your friends because after high school your out onto the real world and everything changes. As for your classes dont let senioritis take over, work your hardest aim to be top 10 in your class because it will all pay off in the end with better college oppertunities.


You are an extremely smart young man, but that wont get you through college. You need to develop better habits for your approach to school. First, you need to stop smoking weed. Although you can function as a normal person in our sciciety, weed is your greatest downfall. Once you remove it from your life, everything will get easier to you. Second, you need to develop study habits. I know you can get by in high school without a minute of studying but that wont cut it in college. You will need to set aside time and actually review the material multiple times every day. Last you need to start talking more. The things you want, you will get if you just open your mouth and let your mind out. This also coincides with the first step, but you shouldn't be scared to let people know what you're thinking once in a while. Take my advice and you will turn an awesome life into an extraordinary life.


I would tell myself to focus on my grades. That there is no help for you like I assumed their would be. Instead of focusing on working and getting money, you should make sure you have the grades to get the scholarships because Financial Aid is not going to help you. Money seemed important then, but now I'm still poor and I have to pay for my education as well. I would have told myself to stop doing drugs. To stop being anti-social. To stop trying to be the cool guy. I wish I could go back and change these things, but the truth is I can't. I've been branded the loser and the only way to change that is to study hard and prove that I'm a winner.


If I could back in time as a high school senior I would definitely take scholarships more seriously and actually heed the warnings about applying for them and knowing their worth. Not only scholarships but my grades alone. I would have taken my senior year a smidge more serious as well. A successful college career requires diligent, dedication, sacrifice, and hard work. Nothing in life woth while comes easy and this certainly applies to post secondary education; as gloomy as this sounds college is a "weeding" process. Many people start college but only a few actually succeed and finish. Dilligence, dedication, sacrifice, and hard work are what "weed" out people. I would tell myself dont second guess and anything is possible if I aim my mind to it. Stars are the limit.


I would advise myself to focus on building public speaking, cognitive reading, and time mangagement skills to prepare me for the in class activities, vast books, and the difficult juggling act of balancing school and the rest of life. I would ask that I evaluate my worldview and my opinions on a variety of subjects to prepare myself for discussions with proffesors and fellow students. I also would tell myself that I should begin looking for ways to give back to my community.


No matter when or where you go to school make sure you want to be there for you and no one else. Treat school like a career where you are trying to satisfy yourself and never settle for the bare minimum. There will be courses you excel in and others you will struggle with, always aim for the "A". Never underestimate the power of helping others. If you are able to explain something to someone else it truly means you understand it as well. Keep your mind as open as your books and you will do fine. School is going to be expensive so get every cent you pay for. Oh, and if you want to buy some stock in Apple Inc. that wouldn't hurt either. Have an amazing future.


I am currently majoring in Bio-Medical Engineering. If I were to give some advice to myself as a high school senior I would start by emphasizing the need to study math. Math is such a huge part of engineering, and it will definitely be useful once you get to college. Also practice writing essays. You will need it for your writing prerequisites, and you will use it in engineering and physics reports. I would recommend learning more about chemistry and biology, so you will have a good foundation already before you get to college. Always make sure to be courteous to teachers. They are only doing their job, same as you are doing yours, and most teachers hugely appreciate someone who is kind and understanding. Also make sure to learn more about a teacher before you sign up for their class. A good teacher can help you for life, but a bad one will confuse you and make your life miserable. Always try your hardest, do your best, and don't settle for second place. Whatever discomfort it may cause in college will be worth it for the whole rest of your life.


I would plead to myself to make every high school academic moment count. I can not stress enough the influence that has in college. You reap what you sow, so doing well in high school will be great for a college future. And to just bare with it. I know I understood everything and memorized it all, causing me to be bored all the time, but to just do the work. To leave all else aside, because all the things I did other than school, they mean nothing now. To learn how to value time, because now I look back and wish I could change things. I do not regret anything, but there are still things I wasted all my time on. To forget about my then girlfriend, because all she was was trouble, and she really took more of my time than anything else. And to just understand that growing up is not easy. Things change, and rarely for the better. I just really want to say: "Hold on. Brace yourself. Life is coming like a train, and no matter what you do, its gonna hit you. But if you are prepared, maybe it will not hurt as much."


If given the opportunity to go back in time I would tell myself to go big and never give up no matter what fell in my way. I would let myself know that caring what others thought about how I was going about my educational career did not matter, and that I should do what I believed was the best course to follow. I would advice myself to trust my intuition and go with my first choice more often, it almost always turned out to be the correct one. I would also tell myself that procrastinating will get you nowhere fast; It is always better to get things done right away and in the most time efficient manner I am capable of. The best advice I could give myself though would be to do this for myself and not try to make anyone other than me happy, it will only discourage you if you rely on others to make your journey in education a fantastic one. Do it for you, there are plenty of other things you can do for friends, family and the community.


SInce i restarted my college career last Fall, I have often thought back to when I was a senior in high school. In my family just getting a high school diploma was a big deal. I was scared and unsure what I would do after I graduated. I got decent grades in high school but did horrible in math. I never pushed myself and thought that I was not smart enough to "get math". I had several obsticles with a mother who was an addict and father who was not present. I worked full time and had juggled school. When I went to college, I did not take it as seriously as I could have. If I was informed about how to financially get though school I would have done better. I was on my own and when it came to paying for my education or to support myself I had to make a choice. If I could go back I would tell myself that I was smart and capable of doing anything that I put my mind to. I would also tell myself to find a way to make college happen with the resources available, the possibilities are endless!




First of all, don't stop taking your medication. In fact, double up upon it, & request immediately that your psych put you on Strattera. Despite what you may fear about "losing your creativity," I wish I'd learned earlier how much it actually helped me get done. Instead, get some more sunlight. Bring your computer with you, but whatever you do, don't coop yourself up in your room/corner. That's the real reason why you're not as creative as you'd like to be & I guarantee you'll be able to write at least three times more if you do. But for the love of god, keep writing, and start listening to criticism more! If there's anything I regret between where you are and when I am, it's not doing both of those sooner. Stop trying to push people to be your friends, but instead push yourself to do new things. You'll win over people far more that way. I've followed this advice , though sooner than I wish I'd have, and I've gotten friends, internships, and three short films made. Know it gets better kid. But ya gotta make it so.


I would probably not have much to say. Most of what I have learned about the college experience I feel you can only learn with the experience itself. I have been told countless times in high school what college is like by my parents, friends, relatives, and teachers. I doubt me telling myself what college is like would prepare me anymore for the experience than everyone else already has. The transition cannot be explained, it has to be lived.


I would tell myself that it is not as terrifying as it seems. I have always been a shy, introverted person, even during my high school years. When the time for college came around, I was afraid. The fear nearly held me back. I almost didn't want to go to college just because I was afraid of the social setting that you find in college. I would want to go back and tell myself that it is not as bad as it seems. There is no need to be afraid, in fact, attending college will help you overcome some of your shyness. There is no need to hesitate so much because college will help you better yourself.


Dear High School Sergio, DO SOMETHING! You are really smart, but you just keep laying around, not trying at anything, and wasting your life. Trust me, once you get to college you realize that you could have gotten so much more done, and we both end up regretting that you didn't. Because you're pretty reluctant to do anything, and are pretty much devoid of interests, I'll break it down into steps for you. Step one: Pay attention in class. School is not some meaningless period in life, it is an opportunity for you to learn about the world. There is actual information being taught in these classes, you know. Step two: Do your homework. I know it sounds awful and you usually just cruise by on your test scores, but seriously, you need a good GPA, and the one you have is not good. And besides, taking an hour or two out of your anyhting but busy schedule is not that bad. Step three: Get involved in something. Try theatre, you'll love it. Step four: For God's sake, ask out Jamie! She obviously likes you! Stop being shy about it and just ask! Sincerely, You


I would say to myself, "Tabitha you will have plenty of time for boys and you're too young for a baby. You have your whole life ahead of you. Boys are going to come and go and they don't want anything from you is to take advantage of you. Girl finish school and go to College. College is a great thing and you can go places with a degree. Tabitha college is so much fun and you get to meet all kinds of people through your journey. Maybe one day you will find that dream guy just wait because there is something out there better for you. Just you wait and see. I have seen the future and you will be successful in your lifetime. So, Tabitha just wait and don't try to rush to grow up so soon. College is going to take you places that you've never been. You have plenty of time to have a baby. Girl, go to college and I promise you that you won't be dissappointed or regret it. You have a bright future ahead of you, so go grab it and don't let go."


I would tell myself although high school are suppose to be the best years of your life, still try your hardest in class because they make a big difference! Apply to many scholarships as you can. Education is going to be pretty pricey for the next four to six years but it'll be worth it since it's the one thing no one can take away from you. Do your best and don't let anything distract you!


College to me seemed like a long journey when I thought of it, one that I had embarked on and was determined to complete. My experience so far started as a typical college experience, yet I have to admit that I have grown to love it. My first 2 years were nothing special, I had many distractions in my life and I was away from home for the first time. It was definitely different. I realized it takes some getting used to, to truly enjoy college. Once I had become accustomed to the daily routine of getting up early, studying, doing homework, and then repeat , it’s feels like I can’t see myself doing anything else. I’m in no hurry and I want to get the best experience of my college years. I feel like I have gotten some great experiences, I have learned a lot and I have met a lot of people, yet I feel like there is still more that I can get out of College. Once I transfer to the University of Arizona, I am determined to embark on a new journey and make the best out of my remaining college years.


Dear Cathy of 1970: You are about to start college. This is something you have wanted to do all your life. There will be a lot of temptations out there; you won't want to spend a lot of time studying, because you will want to be in the working world and earn money quickly. I urge you, please, don't worry about working now. Your Dad has set aside enough to take care of your education if you finish it in four years. You won't be able to get anywhere in the world without a college degree. You won't be able to earn the "quick money" you want, legally, without it. Take advantage of the time you have now. Study, get to know your professors and classmates, oparticipate in school activities and study sessions. Learn while you have the time, before you get married, have kids, and lose track of your goals. Don't take 40 years to finish your degree like I did. If you finish your teaching degree now, no matter what you do there will always be something for you out there. Please don't drop out! The world needs you!


With time comes experience and knowledge. Given the opportunity to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would share with myself some of the most important knowledge that I have acquired transitioning into the college experience. Preparation. Just like every aspect in our lives, without preparation and or planning ahead, makes success a bit more difficult to swing in our favor. Such preparations such as scholarship applications, speaking with advisors and visiting career fairs would be the key focus if a conversation with myself as a high school senior were possible. I found out that all of these preparations are essential in clearing a better path for transition into the college life. Preparation never hurts, but it does hurt not to prepare. Stressing these aspects would be the conversation focus I would have with myself as a senior. I would stress preparation and its importance mainly because I failed to prepare and gather all the right tools for my high school transition to college. If such a conversation was possible my transition into the college life would have mostly likely been a more pleasant and fruitful experience.


Since my high school graduation, I feel that I have grown a lot as a person. I've realized now many things that I wish I would've known before, simple things like not stressing so much about what career to choose my senior year of high school. The truth is as long as you're learning new things, your character is developing. There isn't a specific age to plan your future, it just happens naturally. The key thing to remember is that life is unpredictable, and it is good to have goals or plans. If they work then good for you, if not then keep trying and it's okay to change your mind. As long as you're happy, healthy, and educated you'll be fine. Others who lack these things still manage to survive. Education is becoming a necessity in our society, and it is wise to get the most education as you possibly can despite your age or other setbacks. If you keep moving forward with a positive attitude, you'll realize that education is not just about how much money you will earn, but what you do with that knowledge.


My advice would be not to be too hard on myself and that things would work out in the end. I would also tell myself to maybe explore the more creative side of that I had in me.


Assuming if i could go back in time in high school i would give myself the advice to "Never quit your dream". My high school dream was to become an Architect but now knowing that college life isnt easy. College is expensive if you dont have your parents help or anykind of help. The hardest thing is not applying for classes; what is hard is paying for school while working over 30 hrs working at min. wage just isnt enough to cover all expensives for school. I am one in hundreds of peope who are struggling but who are not going to quit on their dream just because of paying for college. I feel that if you try god will reward you it only takes faith in yourself to become someone.


If I could go back in time and tell myself about college life, I wouldn't do it. College is something that each individual should go into clueless and full of curiosity. My freshman year was one of my most memorable: form getting lost in the halls to forgetting about quizzes to losing important lecture notes. I think that one of the most important things that a college freshman acquires is their eventual sense of understanding and enlightenment after all of the confusing chaos has cleared. If I was informed of what was ahead in time as a senior in high school, I don't think that I would have ever felt the feelings of experience and confidence that I feel today. It is for that reason that I would not change a thing.


do not drop out and dont be dum life sucks with out school do not lisen to your frands work hard and just do it u no im right


Shalina Raquel Aguirre. It's me, or should I say you. You are currently facing the transition you have had in sight since Kindergarden, when they told you that someday you would go to college. Someday is coming up at the end of this year Ms. Senior. What should you do? Quit stressing about getting accepted into and paying for a University. Without a major in mind, and your indecisive tendency, I think a 2 year, community college will help clear up the haze that is your career goal. Actually, I know for a fact it will. The transition from high school to college life is going to unleash the adult that the hormones try to submerge. Through natural interaction with advisors, teachers and classmates the unexpected major of Business (Fashion Merchandising) will find you. Basically, Live your life. Keep working, keep learning, and most importantly, be sure to keep "I" in mind, because both success and failure will be attributed to you and only you.


Advice: dont let others put you down. Look to the future, and think ahead. Dont ever care what others think, you are the one who makes your future, not them. Get as much advice about college, so you dont have to pay so much for everything. Save up money for your future, and get ready to live on your own. You learn something new everyday, even if it is not school related. The more education you have, the better your life will be. Be patient, and you will reach your goal. Never be indecisive about things, and never regret a thing that you have experienced.


Dear Self, Don't rush! Why are you so frantic to get out of high school? I know you are smart and bored, and don't like high school very much. But the hurry you are in won't help you in the future. Your future will last much longer than the 17 years you've lived up until now. Believe it can be good. If you take your time and concentrate on choosing the school that's right for you, you might be able to go free and get a better education. You might have an easier life. (On the other hand, you might not. ) At least think about it before rushing to make a decision that may affect your future. Love, Me


First of all, don't worry about it. Things will go a lot smoother if you just look at it as the next step in your schooling and not this big, ominous "I?m going off to COLLEGE!" thing. Its an adventure and a priviledge; treat it as such. Not everyone gets to do what you are doing. Also, start applying for scholarships as soon as you start you senior year. Don't wait for the spring to come before remebering. There are lots of great scholarships that have deadlines in the winter. Use your Christmas break to apply for them. Go for the big ones, not just the small ones. If the scholarship requires a 3,000 word essay, so what? You have written more than that for school, and if the scholarship is worth $3,000, you will be getting paid a dollar per word. That's not so bad is it? And above all, have fun. Take some classes for things that you enjoy. You can learn a lot in college and still have fun.


Don't put so much emphasis on a job. Even though it doesn't seem like its worth it, take out as many scholarships, grants and loans as you can. Working full time and going to school full time causes strain. Something has to give eventually and there's a good chance it wil be school. Don't let work rule your life, the next 4 years are yours, focus on school and enjoy it. Of course, take up a part-time job for spending money if you want, but nothing over 12-15 hours a week, it shouldn't be something you rely on to support your living habits.


After getting familiar with college life , experiencing and getting used to what was expected of me as a College student, I would say that working on my discipline would have been a good start when I was a high school student. As a student in High School I still had my teachers remind me of the assignments I needed to turn in and sometimes work with me when I was late turning in my work. In College the teachers will not hold you by the hand, tell you repeatedly what assignments you have to work on and by what date they have to be turned in. In College you are considered an adult who is focused, mentally prepared to take in the responsibilities as a student. You are encouraged to attend group studies and be ready with homework when it is due. If you are not disciplined as a student, College life can become very frustrating. The bottom line is that as a student in College I have to meet the required GPA, homework expectations and show that I am disciplined and focused if I really want to reach my goals.


If I could go back in time and talk with myself about college life, I would inform myself to pay more attention in class and prepare for the financial hardship that going to college can bring. I would educate myself on how much money I would have to spend every semester on classes and books. Another issue I would speak with myself about would be the break that I thought I would take between high school and college was not the best decision I could make. Not only was it unenjoyable work I had to do, but all the money I worked so hard for went to having fun with friends, when it could have easily been placed in a savings account and used to pay for school. Before returning back to my time, I would remind myself to stay encouraged about school and to do my best. And also, to enjoy my time at school and learn all I can so I would be prepared for anything college had in store for me.


In high school, I don't think I realized the magnitude of attending a university and what it really took to achieve my goals. I worked hard but I don't think I reached my full potential as a student. I would definitely tell myself to do everthing and anything I could to be the best that I could be; don't just settle for average. I didn't realize how valuable financial awards could be to me and the role my grades had in providing me with these awards. I would also tell myself to start being self reliant and more careful with my money because these are important factors in college. My family is anything but wealthy and has been struggling financially for a while now, which has been hard on me as I try to pursue an education without a scholarship. I want more than anything to achieve my educational goals and attend the university of my choice, and if I would have prepared a little better in high school and just worked a little harder, I'm sure I would have been able to secure a future for myself and be presented with greater opportunites.


Now that I look back I would tell myself three words "Life goes on." My senior year I was a prospective football recruit for the University of Arizona as well as an outstanding scholar. I felt like I had it all until one day I got a phone call and found out I would not be receiving an athletic scholarship. My biggest dream was to play for the U of A. I had the entire community of Nogales supporting me and I felt like a failure when I hung up the phone with the scout. My dad is hardworking man and my families only source of income. He works in the automobile business as a car sales person. However, with our recent economy, my dads salary was cut into more than half. As a result, my college expeneses add more weight on his shoulders. I figured I would receive a full scholarship to the university and my lack of planning kept me from applying for scholarships. If I could have the chance to whisper in my own ear my senior year I would tell myself to better prepare myself and to always keep my head up.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior the first thing that I would tell myself was to keep an open mind about college and the people I meet. It?s not like high school so make friends with everyone you meet and don?t be quick to judge people. Some of the most interesting people I have met are people that I would have never been friends with in high school, so give everybody you meet a chance. Get involved with your dorm and do the activities that are offered that first week of school, you?ll meet people and start to make friends. In classes always be prepared and don?t be afraid to ask questions, most professors don?t go back over the material you have learned the day before so ask when you are confused and not later. Also go to all tutoring sessions that are offered, even if you don?t think you need them. If you follow by these simple things then you will make your college experience the best it can be.


If I was to go back in time to give myself advice about college I would have told myself to apply for more schlorships and try my best in school. I would have told myself to spend less time chatting on the phone about boys, but rather go out and help the community. Lastly, I would have told myself that you can do whatever you put your mind to. If you try hard enough you can be anything you want to be.




As a freshman in college i have often thought back to my senior year in highschool. Wondering if there was anything i could have done differently, to make the transition from high school senior to college freshman any easier. With out a doubt the number one thing that comes to my mind when i think about this would have been to save up more of my money all though out my senior year in high school. This is because i have learned that college comes with many unexpected finances, while i was prepared for the cost of tuition, it was books that caught me by surprise. Books cost almost half of the cost tuition cost for my first semester alone.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to my younger self I would tell myself to be prepared. Everything seems go so fast after you graduate, and it takes more than a summer to find, apply, and find the funding to go to a university, because mom and dad don?t have that type of money. Always think ahead. Exceed in your classes so that the scholarships will come to you. Know what you major will be and plan out your classes, focusing on the classes that will contribute to your major only. Yes it is a lot of work but it is a lot easier to do all of it when you aren't living alone and have the support of your parents. Everything will get a lot harder before it gets easier but it takes work. It?s better to get ahead that to procrastinate, and everything will pay out in the end.


As a high school senior I was already entering the work environment because I thought that was the most important thing in life. Boy, was I wrong! I continued to go from minimum wage job to minimum wage job and finally ended up frustrated and angry at the 'no opportunities' of getting out of that trap. It was difficult to improve my quality of life with 'just getting by' financially and life seemed to be passing me by. I also thought it was important to have a boyfriend and didn't see my world without one until I realized that a boyfriend with the same level of skills I had was another dead end. Years later I decided to apply for financial aid and go back to school to improve my life. The grants, loans and scholarships are worth the time and studying is well worth the effort as an investment in improving my quality of life. Although it was scary at first and I had to rearrange my life it has been a blessing to be a student again. This time with determination in hand because in hind sight I've experienced the other side of not having education.