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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Going back in time is a benafite we all wish could be possible, talking to our youger selves a dream most carry. When i was a senior in high school i coul really have used the advice. I would tell my self that its ok to not being doing whats normal. All of my friends were being accepted into universities and here i was barley getting into community college. I was in a bad mental state thinking that I was not going anywhere in life, it cost me and my family a lot of money and two years of time. I could really have used the encouragment. To be told that there is no normal process and that if i wanted to wait i could have, would have made it easier. Looking back, theres a lot i would tell my younger self, but that not doing the normal is ok, thats what i needed most.


I would tell myself to take advantage of the opportunties available to me. To select a field of study that will allow for me to work no matter what the circumstances may be as far as the economy is concerned and/or if there is a possibility for a potential "outsourcing" of my position. I would also inform myself to ALWAYS make sure to be in touch with my department counselors to make sure that ALL of my credits count towards graduation. Also, to make sure that whatever classes that are taken are also able to transfer just in case I may need to relocate. On a personal note, I would tell myself to get more involved with the students and some of the activities taking place on campus and take advantage of the networking that could take place. To not only allow myself to grow academically, but to allow myself to grow personally as well. Also, the MOST IMPORTANT thing I would tell myself is not to QUIT no matter what the circumstances may be and to ALWAYS use whatever legal resources I could to make sure that I could SEE IT THROUGH to receive my college undergraduate degree!