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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


During Senior year of High School everyone is talking about College and what they want to be. There is so much pressure to decide what career path you want to take and to make a decision without changing your mind. Pressure was not only brought upon by the school, but by family as well. I had spent my entire Associates degree, jumping back and forth trying to figure out what I wanted to become. I never stopped to carefully research the career I wanted to peruse. Working towards my Bachelors degree, I had finally figured out the career path I want to choose. Again, I had made the mistake of acting on a quick impulse and not fully researching my options. Although I am proud of my accomplishments I found myself after graduation with an uncertainty of what I wanted out of life. After graduation I ended up making the decision to take a break from school to truly take the time and find myself. This was the best decision of my life! Looking back, I wish I had taken the time to research all of my options before jumping into college. This would have saved myself time and money.


I would tell myself to go to the local community college to catch up on my math and science skills so I could go to a 4 year university. At almost 35 years old I should be in a career, not barely getting one. I turned down several scholarships and 14 years later I ended up being a single mother to two small children with little in the way of job skills. That could have been avoided had I just gone to college out of high school in the first place.


I would tell myself that it's always a good idea to take time and study because you never know how much you know until it matters. Also I would tell myself neever give up on anything because everything is possible.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to be in such a hurry to grow up. I would also tell myself to take more time studying for classes so that I could have had a higher GPA and possibly have more scholarship opportunities. I would also have started going to college right out of high school and not have waiting until I was in my 30s to do so. Going to school now is much harder as I have to work full time and now juggle having family time with my kids.


Dear David, I write to you as an older, wiser you. A ?you? that has many more scars, bumps and scratches than you do now and I?d like to let you know that you don?t have or need these scars, bumps and scratches. It simply takes time and keen observation of the world around us to see that we will always need to be educated in the decisions that affect our life. Education enlightens, it solves, and it pays, it pays quite well. The sooner you realize this, the better off in life you?ll be. As intimidating your dreams are, much more tragic are the moments that pass you by in hopes of a better life. So, get up and get a move on! You are strong enough, you are bright enough and you are a much better individual than you think you are. Also, exercise more, drink less and eat smart. Sincerely, David Mujica (future you) P.S. While beautiful is an understatement for her and no word can be thought of or imagined to describe her, imagine the good that she wanted for you and think of her when you achieve it.