Pioneer Pacific College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself mostly obvious, simple things. You have ADHD, get help before college, it will make your life so much easier. Go to class, take notes, study, do the homework, even if they don't grade it. Do extra credit assignments. Don't listen to Dad, you don't want to be a doctor. Go to culinary school. Hone your coffee skills. You're going to move to Portland and open a coffee shop because that is what will make you happy. Don't let Alexa studying astrophysics make you feel unworthy. Don't let anyone make you feel unworthy. You are pretty, brilliant, and talented. Your bullies hate you for it, that's why they degrade you. Keep your chin up and listen to Mom. She really believes in you.


Focus on school and take more colleges credited class while in high school, it will give you an advantaged when you start your college career. Start looking for scholarships and grants senior year, dont wait until afterwards. It is ok to not know what you want to do, or to even change your mind a few times. Life experiences will point you in the right direction.


I would tell myself to not wait to go to college. Look at what career fields are most needed in the work force and to choose the one that best fits your personality. Do your best because one can do anything that they put all there mind and effort into.


At first, I would have answered this question by saying I would have started immediately on prerequisites for the nursing program and not have started with the Medical Office Assisting program, but after thinking about the skills I have learned, the experiences I have had, the friends I have made, and the accomplishements I have achieved, I realized I wouldn't change a thing. I will always try and be the person who looks forward in life, because if I keep looking to the past and regretting my actions, I will never be able to follow through with my goals and evolve with my everchanging future.


The advice I would give my self if I would be able to go back in time is to not procrastinate in any of your classes. To take my college education seriously because you only live once, and you can't take your education for granted. I would also say that there are students out there that would like to further their education, but they can't. Since you have the chance to become someone in life to appreciate what you have, to not only do it to become someone important in life, but to do it for yourself. Also to make a difference in the world. Your future is all you have and why not be someone you will always look back and say "I'm happy I went on with my education, I' so proud of myself."