Pitt Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Join the military then go to College. Don't join the military while you're on college.


Being a high school senior is one of the joys of being in high school. However, while being a senior you need to make smart choices on where you decide to want to further your education. You need to apply the most effort into your senior year and in the long run it will make your more successful. Apply for any financial aid available because you are going to need it, especially if you decide you are going to a private or out of state school. The tuition is extremely expensive. Also make sure you know where you want to go. Being a transfer student is hard. All the different transcripts you have to gather can be very nerve racking if you don't know where you want to go. Also financial aid is not as available as it was when you are a freshman. It's harder to pay for tuition, even if you get the presidential transfer scholarship from Campbell, you don't get the scholarships you would as a freshman. College is a big step to take but if you plan ahead and in the right direction, it can be rewarding in the long run.


First of all, you need a confidence check, stop being shy and intimated. Speaking in front of people is not bad. What you need to do is get more involved with student activities. Find classes that you will have to do a lot of participating. Also, make sure that you take all the English classes that are available. Second, college is a great place to meet new and interesting people. So make sure you join several clubs while in college. Joining clubs will open new doors and opportunities and will even give you a chance to move up within the organization. It is also a great place to network and meet people that are established business owners .Continue to set goals and stay organized. Also, work with students that have the same interest as you. This will be interesting and fun. Always prepare a spreadsheet with your classes and the goals to reach each semester. Finally, keep working hard and it will pay off and remember it is more fulfilling than graduating from high school. Just remember to keep your confidence, continue to study hard, stay focused and you will have a successful and rewarding career in no time.


I would tell myself that I made the right decision in living at home while going to school. It's hard at times because at my age I am ready for some independence. At home, I have been able to concentrate on my grades and stay out of trouble, not to mention hold down a steady job and save some money.


Appreciate the opportunity you've been given and take advantage of it. Don't be affected by outside sources and never accept the idea that failure is inevitable. Perserverance is your most important attribute, and you owe it to yourself not to squander it. Figure out what's important to you, and explore it. The things that you learn in your formative years will be the tools you carry with you through life. Learn as much as possible.


If I could go back in time to my senior year of high school, I would definitely study more. In high school I hardly ever studied. So now that I am in college, I find it very difficult to study. College is much more difficult and requires that I study. Since I never studied in high school, I really don't know how to study. If I had better prepared myself in high school, I think that I would have better grades in college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to pay more attention in class and to annoy one of the stores in the area to giving me a job (because bettering yourself with education is a debt creator). I would also tell myself to be prepared for setbacks, because alot of people have their own interests in mind. I would explain to myself that going to bed earlier helps alot and a good number of the thing on television isn't worth my time, so sell it. I would also give all my money to the H.S. senior me, because it would help me in the long run. I would tell myself to put the money in a mutual fund or highest interest bearing savings account I could find. I would also tell myself to cancel my bank of america account and to stay away from car "repairers" and dealers, just to save myself some more time and money. Simply put I would be in a better position than I'm in now.


If I could go back to my senior year of high school I would tell myself, not to be nervous but stay curious, anxious and willing to learn. I would tell myself that as hard as I am working to get into college, work as hard to be successful in college. Be curious because you are working towards your future and your furture is not far away after. Stay anxious because college is a great and rewarding experience and that some do not get the same reward. Stay willing to learn because it is your future and you need to stay focused on your dreams and goals. When you feel like you want to give up, you push yourself even harder and focus on what you want to achieve. Never settle for less, then what you want because nobody can make you fail or succeed, it is up to you and nothing is to hard or easy, life is challenging but nothing is impossible as long as you stay strong focused, and willing to achieve what you want to achieve. Keep striving, stay educated, stare down what you want in life and go get it. Your future starts today.