Pittsburg State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Pittsburg State University is home to a close-knit community with a multitude of various backgrounds and individuals, all making up a wonderful campus and environment that's perfect for education, fun college experiences, and countless opportunities.


This school is fun, beautiful and located in a wonderful spot for students to live.


Pittsburg State University is a small yet diverse universtiy that has its main focus on its students, to provide them with a great education, and provide them with great career opportunities.


My school is fun but does a very good job of emphasizing the importance of the education that we recieve there.


Pitt is an amazing experiance. You get to meet interesting people and see what the world is really like while still having fun.


pittsburg state university is a fun place for all cultured students and tons of facilities to accomidate any of the craving for hunger, sports, activites, clubs, ect...


My school campus has beautiful landscaping and makes you feel comfortable.


Pitt State is a very friendly and exciting place to be, everyones willing to help you out with what you need and most of the teachers if not your advisors are a big help.


Its a very nice quite school that does what it can to help the students.


Pittsburg State University is a school with small classes where the professors can work with you on a personal one on one level.


Pitt State is a fun, small, down to earth great place to learn and attend school.


My school is full of new people and very active things to do all the time, but also there is time for you to study and go to class.


PSU is a friendly, hometown school with a good academic program.

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