Pittsburg State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I don't know


Pittsburg State is best know for its school spirt and great graduation rate.


I believe Pittsburg State University is best known for the bond between the students and the faculty. The professors mirror the excitement for learning and education that the students have. Many professors are very involved with student activities and campus events. The students and the faculty work as one to make Pitt State the best school ever.


I would say that Pittsburg State is mostly known for all the partying that goes on. Also our school is known for our football, and i'm sure our academic success.


Pittsburg State University is best known for two thing. The first thing is school spirit of the student and the community around it. This is a very big thing and during their games most businesses have very few customers compared to the rest of the time. The second thing is the quality of education. It is said to be one of the best schools to get your education. These are what Pittsburg State University is known for.


Pittsburg is known for the education department, the jazz music and the partying.


Pittsburg State University is best known for our mascot, Gus the Gorilla. There is no other school in America with a Gorilla mascot, which, I think, makes our desire for school spirit very strong. I am involved in Cross Country and Track, and have also attended many other sporting events where I have seen so much school spirit from many teammates and students. Our Gorilla spirit stands out strong against other schools and that's why we always cheer and say GOOOOOOO-RILLAS!!!


Our school is known for our well rounded Teacher Education program.

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