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Before experiencing Pitt State, I was undecided as to what university I wanted to attend. Upon my first arrival, the atmosphere of the campus and it's residents simply felt like home. The campus is small enough to have a close community and friendship among the students, but it's also large enough that you have the opportunity to meet people from every corner of the world. Being a shy person, I made friends and felt comfortable at this unviersity within days. Also, it is the only school with a gorilla as the mascot, adding to its uniqueness.


It's a smaller school.


There are many unique things about PSU that I found stood out among other colleges I considered. The pre-medicine program here is highly advanced. It engages students in labs and situations that aren't normally experienced until the second or third year of med school. One of the local physicians hires pre-med students and teaches them the basic training for patient care. This school also has a partnership with KCUMB medical school that allows early application into their program. This school is also very supportive of all campus athletics,and not just football.


This school is based around teaching, so if you are not in that arena, you are somewhat out of the focus. It is unique in its class makeup on campus. The need more bus power for the students.


Our school is able to offer small class room sizes that enable students to delve deeper into their studies. This also helps aid discussions in class, which I feel really help the learning process.


At my school anyone that attends gets very involved with whatever the school is doing. We are always going to games, plays, musicals, etc.


The class instructors are very considerate and they listen.


A small campus that is easy to find your way around. They keep up the lawns and it's always pleasant to walk back and forth from classes. The classrooms are small and there's alot of emphasizes on writing to learn which is how I excel in my learning. The instructors are not readily available to see them personally but are extremely prompt in answering emails.


Pittsburg State is unique because of its small class sizes and it's true college community. One on one help with teachers is amazing and gives me all the help I could ask for. Having a community that supports my school so much is very inspiring and exciting.


Pittsburg State is the only school that offers the Caterpillar Think Bigger program.


The financial aid is very helpful to most students. There are many international students.


The campus is very well organized and are many places to relax or do your school work in a nice quite place.


Great technology department, all new computers as of 2008, small classes, great teachers, small town feel, people want to be here with there friends, when summer is over people wanna come back.


Pittsburg State University it unique in that it's the university with the lowest tution and it has a wide variety of ethnicity.

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