Pittsburg State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I believe almost anyone could attend PSU. It is a great community with a diverse range of students. Students who want to attend a smaller school with smaller classes; and, students who want a lot of one on one time with their professors should choose PSU.


Pittsburg State University is home to outstanding Biology, Education, and Nursing Programs. Students who have interest in majoring in one of these fields are strongly encouraged to attend. In those majors, as well as all all others, students who are wanting to be challenged while still having a one-on-one connection with the classroom instructors will have that opportunity. Many students who attend this school are involvled in several extracurriculars and achieve high academic standards. PSU professors are flexible to accomodate the busy schedules of most students. Students who are looking for a hometown feel should also consider Pittsburg.


I think all kinds of people should attend this school.


I think that any type of person should attend Pittsburg State, I have met tons of different types of people ranging from Art Majors that are completly antisocial to Jokeish Fraternity Guys and every type of person I have met loves it here and loves there group of friends. Pittsburg has the perfect invironment for everyone its small enough for the small town feel but big enough with the down town area that if a city is what you want you have it. Pittsburg State has an amazing art department and theature but also has tons of sports.


Anyone interested in pursuing higher education should attend Pittsburg State University. They offer traditional, online, and night classes to meet the needs of all. The college has smaller classes and lots of majors and minors to choose from.


Pittsburg is a great school for someone who likes to have fun, study hard and meet new people.


one who wants to work hard and start a career.

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