Pittsburg State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students who want a big city feel should not attend PSU. It is located in a very small town.


I think all kinds of people should attend this school.


The type of student who should not come to Pittsburg State is someone who is unmotivated and unwilling to try new things. To really make your college experience great, especially in Pittsburg, the best way would be to get involved with clubs, sororities, fraternities, intermurals, athletics, etc. If you are unmotivated or do not wish to attend class regularly, that makes it difficult to be able to pass your classes and eventually succeed in the process. The opportunities given here have a great impact on who you meet and how to socially connect with potential life-long friends.


You should not attend this school if you are uptight about morals and openess. You should not attend if you are not willing to see things in other peoples way of life.


Those who are not will to work hard should not attend Pittsburg State University. The professors demand 100% from the students and are willing to help students achieve that. Also, those who do not want to live in a small town should not attend this college


This is a great school. It is nice for those who do not have a lot of money. First, it is not an expensive school. Also, anything after ten credit hours is free . It helps a lot so that a student may take a lot of hours in a semester but not be burdened to pay more money. I feel good about attending Pittsburg State University.


This is not the best place for people who don't enjoy partying. I suppose many colleges are that way though. People who aren't alright with not having very much diversity probably shouldn't come here either.


Well I believe that there is no one kind of person to attend this university. Anyone who attends this school will find something they like or people are like them. There is a wide diversity of people.


You have to go there with a positive mind set to meet new people, work hard in class, and always remember what your goal is. At Pittsburg University you need to be able to do all of these things. Whether you are talking with professors or meeting new friends there is nothing more valuable from learning from others experiences. You have to be willing to attend class and pay attention! And finally keep your mind on what you want to achieve, because then you will succeed. If someone does not possess these qualities they aren?t meant for Pittsburg University.


All types of people attend this school.


Pittsburg State is a exreamly diverse school and offers an unlimited amount of educational choises. This school offers something for everyone from a recent high school graduate to a acomplished adult looking to further thier education.


everyone is welcomed

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