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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My senior year of high school was a tumultuous time filled with indecision and uncertainty. I was completely at a loss as to what I wanted to do in college, and what pathways I wanted to take. If I could communicate with my high school self, I would let me know that it's alright to be uncertain. Not knowing what you want to do as soon as you enter the world of college is normal, and one of the biggest opportunities of college is the chance to try new and exciting things. Being lost can be rewarding; it gives you the opportunity to truly know yourself and your preferences. The stress that adults put on high school seniors can be overwhelming, but don't ever let that keep you from trying what you want to try, not what everyone else thinks you should do. Every high school senior needs to know that only they can construct their happiness and idea of success, and the first step is to get a little lost in this exciting world, and discover what you unequivically love.


If I were able to go back in time and give myself some advice, there would be a lot for me to say. College is definitely not something that you are prepared for, whether you think so or not. I would tell myself to come to college with a clean slate and an open mind. Trying to continue a relationship long distance is not a good idea and it will just end up ruining some of the time spent at college and some of your friendships. I would tell myself to listen to my heart and do what I think is best for myself and my future career. Although it is good to think about others, I shouldn't jeopardize my happiness and future for that. College is an amazing experience, but the experience won't be as enjoyable if I hold myself back. I would definitely tell myself to not take the Woman's Studies course because that class was a dreadful learning experience. Overall, the most important thing that I would tell myself is that I should make the very best out of my college experience and pursue my career with as much passion as I can.


Don't worry about college it's going to be great. You will make great friends quickly, do things that scare you and put yourself out there and have fun


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about college, I would tell myself to start saving money earlier. I would also say to start applying for scholarships earlier. I wish that I had started looking at and visited colleges earlier. I would have started looking at colleges as a freshman.


I would tell myself not to be so nervous and to know that no matter who you are, you will be able to find friends in college. I would also tell myself to spend as much time with my family as I possibly can. Since, I did move from Asia to go to college, I do miss my family very much. I would tell myself to study hard so I could apply to several colleges and maybe even enroll into honor's college. I would tell myself to relax and not be in a hurry to grow up; because, high school and college is the best time of ones life.


I would have gotten more prepared and applied for more grant and scholarships for the payments i have to make .


Kali, you are going to do well as long as you are confident. Remember, a real friend will not expect more than time spent with you, and a "man" in college is probably still a boy that is getting money from loans or parents. Do not give them any power over your life. This is YOUR time. If you try to help everyone else fill the holes in their lives, you are bound to fall into one of them and not be able to achieve your goals. Get a job while you get your Bachelor's degree. You will meet people this way and not have to become dependent on a man. Do not stop there. You will be secretly ashamed if you stop. Get your Master's degree! You have plenty of time. It will be a great experience. Lastly, do not get hidden from the world. You have a lot to learn about it before it can start learing from you. Are you excited? You should be!


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that focusing on grades is a trap. Having straight A's doesn't mean anything if you fail to retain the information. As a high school junior I took general chemistry for college credit. I was determined to make an A. After many nights of over studying, endless eraser marks, taking tests over a set of information, forgetting old information and focusing on new information, I did. Now in my second semester of college, I am taking general chemistry 2. The notes are confusing at times and I have to do extra reading to prepare myself. I'm now realizing that I should have focused on learning and retaining the information rather than learning it just to receive that specific grade. The ability to think beyond what’s in a textbook and to see the connections to the world around you is much more important than a 4.0 average in the grand scheme of things. The world is littered with bright people who are failures because the only thing they were good at was school.


I would make sure to tell myself to apply for all the scholarships I can get my hands on, no matter how much time it takes. I would tell myself to study hard, work hard, and always try my best. To live on campus at least one year & that going to community college was a GREAT decision for me. Next time look more into the graduate programs & not just the undergrad programs that way I don't have to change universities if/when I decide to go for a Master's degree that my University doesn't have.


To go back in time and give the advice I now know, I would tell myself to choose a school that I think will best accomidate my needs. Not to follow a boyfriend, or a best friend.The college choosen has to be able to support your future and not just a social life. Time management is also the key to success. I would tell myself to go to events the school puts together, to meet people, and to stay involved. I strongly suggest to get all of the general education classes out of the way as fast as possible. Another great peice of advice would to not buy anything expensive for the dorm living, because it will only be used for one year. The most important advice that I wish I would have known as a high school senior would be to start building a resume when you first start school. Thay way in a year or two of schooling, it can just grow and you will not have to stress about building them from memory. Last but not least, you have to enjoy yourself throughout your college years! Make your memories worthwhile.


I would tell myself to develop better study habits. I made good grades, but didn't manage my study time very well. Also, to communicate more with my instructors, this is very important at the college level. I would remind myself how important it is to manage time in general so that there is time for school, work, sleep and fun.


If I had the opportunity to turn back in my high school days would think that most would consider as soon as I graduated and immediately enroll in college and not take as long as I did now would be a good opportunity for me to go back.


I think we are to younger to know to the life matters but we need to put more atention to what we want for the future. Si tuviera la oportunidad de volver atras en mis dias de escuela superior pensaria mas en que quisiera estudiar y tan pronto me graduara matricularme de inmediato en la universidad y no tardar tanto como lo hice ahora seria una buena oportunidad para mi el volver atras.


In college you need good study skills, and responsibility to get to class everyday because college teachers will not let you make up a test or assignments. In college you do not have your parents there taking that next steps with you. One huge advice I would give myself is to save up as much money throughout summer as possible. The next huge advice I would give myself is to sleep as much as possible before college because with studying and the loud dorm you will not be getting much sleep. Stressing about having a major is not important the first year. I would go back and tell myself to stop stressing and just relax because college is not as scary as everyone thinks. College is a new experience and is just the next step in life so just go with it and enjoy.


I appreciate this school because it has my major which is Graphic Design. Because it is a small school you would think it woud be easier to filter different classes, but there are either a lot of students here, or there is not enough coursework. Most of the coursework surrounds teaching degree, since this is actually a teachers state college. I do appreciate the counselors and teachers in the school of Technology and I like the fact that I live off campus and close to that school. Campus life is not the best, there may be some things to do for some people. i think the fraternities and sororities have the best fun and activities. There are no black affiliates on campus. Since being social is not what I am here for, it has taken a toll on me to study and make friends with others. My major is not easy, it takes a lot of work, but my grades are different that what I think they should be. The teachers tell you , that you will make 1 grade then they give you another. Maybe if they like you good grade, if they don't then bad. I try hard.


Out of my college experience i have met so many great people that I am sure I will cherrish for the rest of my life. I also gained an amazing theater experience that I would love to have again. I also love all of my classes and the experiences I'm having are incredible.


The college experience has shown me where to place my priorities. And those would be on getting an education. Instead of partying, it is more important to stay in a nd study so you will be able to get that education. It also helps with making your time decsions b etter. It gives you experience, and lets you know how the real world is going to treat you. My first semester in college has been the best experience in my educational career. And I am looking forward to what the future hold in my college career, and where it takes me in life.


The wonderful experience of college now three years in has had a big impact on my life. Not only is it furthering my opportunities for the job force, but it has taught me lessons in the social and culture world of toay. Many aspects of life I overlooked and now have been brought to licfe, people I have never met before have impacted my everyday network, and teachers I respect have opened my eyes to knowledge I have never known. College is something that nothing else in life can replace, something that has an impact on what everyperson does and who they become. My experience will enable me to walk through life on a higher level and to understand the deeper things many overlook. The education and wisdom I have recieved was only made possible by the great institutions I have attended, and I hope every other student can revieve the great things that I have. God has thoroughly blessed me with the opportunity to attain an education at college, and I hope to also gain the resources to further what I have recieved.


Learning what I've dreamed about doing since the 5th grade. It's very hard, but learning the field I plan to go into after I graduate has been very fullfilling. I'm glad to get the "basics" overwith and begin learning about my future career. College has helped me grow up by getting out on my own and learning life skills that I hadn't learned by living at home with my follks. I now live in a different town than my folks with my sister and it's been rewarding. I think I would not change a thing and it's been so far very valuable to attend college.


What I have gotten out of my college expirence is great friends and sense of accomplishment. Not many people now-a-days can say they have a college degree, let alone working on the second. To know that one day I will be able to change someone's life because I pushed myself to the limits is reward enough for me. Even if that person doesn't realize how much time and effort it took to get me where I am today, in my mind it was all worth it.


I have gotten the best start for my career as a history teacher and some of the best friends in the world. It has been a valuable school because it taught some of the most important skills that I will need in the classroom as well as in the world.


College has allowed me to interact with people of different race, politcal viws, and unique personalities. It has created me to be a more responsible and mature adult. I believe it will give me a opportunity to achieve my goals in life of obtaining a job that is fulfiling in both my financial and personal needs to continue to use my abilities to my fullest extent. With being able to have many options of not only academic diversity, but extracurriclar activeies it has allowed me to have the change to interactr as a group and learn leadership qualities i will need in the future.


I love going to college. I love the freedom and also the ability to make my own choices. I am now able to see the world and live on my own without being told what to do. I love the people here and getting to make new friends. The people here want to be here and want to succeed. They take class seriously and don't slack off. This is my kind of college and I love every minute of it.


I have realized how valuable education is after entering college. While sitting in my Biology class one Wednesday morning, I realized that I am incredibly lucky to be here in class. I was able to see that I was that much smarter than what Î would be if I did not attend class. When reading my textbook, I feel as though I am collecting information in a basket of knowledge. I want to get my basket as full as possible. Education is something that is not guaranteed. Those who are lucky enough to be offerered it should take advantage of it to the highest potential.


I have been able to take away several things from my college experience, so far. First I have learned that being involved does not have to be a bad thing, it actually helps you make a lot of connections, both in the business world and my social environment. I have also been able to learn better time management skills first hand. Pittsburg State University really stresses the importance of managing your time. My college experiences have helped me to work in a group and by myself, whichever is required. Working in a group can be a challenge, but I have learned ways to get around people's differences and focus on the task at hand. Doing things on my own has also been very helpful, because I know that once I graduate I will have to think and care for myself. All of these things I have learned are important life skills. For me, college isn't just a place to learn about my chosen field, but to also gain knowledge about life and the world that can only be learned from experience.


I have learned many things in my two years of my college experience so far. I have learned to attend every class, you never know when you will be told something important or a hint to something coming up in the future. Attendance in your classes can be the difference between an F or a D. Doing homework everyday and taking notes, is very important in order to make sure you pass the tests. I find that the most important thing is that you need to be open minded to trying new studying stragedies, and make sure you use good time management. I am a full-time student along with being a student athlete. I do homework and read in between my classes, and continue once I am out of my classes for the day. Then I have the rest of the evening to go to my practice or match. I am also in a relationship, and it is very important to remember that school comes before everything else, even your love life. If you are in a relationship you need to make sure you talk to your partner about school and your priorities.


My college experience so far has been great. Going to college made me realize how import it is to go to school and become something. While I attended college I had the oppertunity to learn about society and how different things are now. I also had the opportunity to learn about a person growth and how are bodies and minds work. Although college can be hard at times it teaches us to never give on on our dream and that if we dream it we can always achieve it! Its very important to attend college because it prepares us for our future. College is like another fun discover place after the high school. I believe that It is all about picking the right college, trying your best at everything you do and never giving up on your dreams. From being in college for to years ive noticed that hard work defently pays off and that college can teach us precious things that will never be forgotten. Its always good to have education and theres never to much of it. We should always be opened minded about everything in life and take advantage of all the wounderful oppertunities we have avaiable


its been fun, scary, overwhelming, stressful, socialy active, entertaining, interesting, exciting, reasuring, and all in all its made me the person i am today. there were hard times and easy time but it is all apart of the college experience. the college experience alone make a person stronger and more responsible even know we might call home asking for some bail out money for bills and food, but its an experience i wouldnt ever give back.


If I could go back in time, I would talk to myself as a high school senior. I would tell myself the importance of higher education and that I should work on it from the time I graduated from high school. I would encourage myself to choose a career and to do whatever was needed to obtain a college degree. I got married and had my first child at 18. I had dreams to go to college, but chose to stay home and raise my children. I wish now that I would have taken at least one class a semester and worked slowly towards my degree. I worked a low-paying, part-time job for 14 years while I raised my two kids. When my first child was in junior high I decided to go back to school. I wanted to be a good example to my kids and let them see how important it was to go to college. Now, there is really no excuse for people to not earn their degree. With many online degrees and financial help, college can be an obtainable goal for anyone.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to do more research about schools, extra-curricular activites, and even scholarships. I thought that I did a fine job of researching but what I didn't know was that I was really not well enough prepared. I did go to community college before transferring to a four-year institution. I would tell myself that, even though it would save me money, it is very difficult to transfer. Some credits don't transfer and it seems like it puts me further behind than I would have been. I would tell myself that if I would work harder to get scholarships then I would be able to go to a four-year institution for all four years. Most of all though, I would tell myself that no matter what happens, it will be okay. I just need to believe in myself and keep my head up and my eyes toward the goal to graduate.


Dear DeAnna, I'm so proud of you for choosing to go to college at Pittsburg State University! I wanted to give you some advice before you go down to school, knowing what I do now. Do not be afraid to help others different from you. Coming from a small rural town, diversity was never an option, but at Pittsburg it is very diverse. Be prepared to learn from other cultures, other religions, and people that you never thought you would befriend, in the end it will help you become a more well-rounded person. Remember to put school work before play time. College gives you more freedom than you have ever had before, so you must learn to manage your time well. Don't procrastinate with your projects or you will get behind! Be sure to take every bit of advice that you receive from professors and try to understand where they are coming from. Pittsburg is full of opportunities and chances to stay involved, so do have fun, but remember that school comes first! Stay true to yourself and never change for anyone because you are amazing the way that you are!


My first advice to myself would be to spend more time applying for scholarships. Since so much of my time is takin up by school and practice, I have no time for a job and money is hard to come across. I would have also told myself to work during the summers to save up some money for college. Most importantly I would ask myself if I really wanted to be so far away from my family and all of the people that love me and care about me. When I was making my college decision I was focussing so much on what "I" wanted and what was best for "me," that I did not even stop to think about what would be best for my family; especially my little sister. I would tell myself that if I stayed with her I would be able to help guide her and keep her out of trouble. There have been plenty of instances, since I have been in college, that would have went a lot smoother if only I were closer to my family. I would tell myself to think of others while I was making my decision.


Ask questions about your career choice. Determine to have someone to keep you focused ( to be accountable to). Find study groups for each subject, even if you don't need help. You will find valuable resources and contacts through your peers. Make time to volunteer in the community you are being educated in. Find a church home and do some of the things at church were you came from. Join clubs that will help you after graduation. Start a scholarship finding club for current students needing help with financial aide and help them build confidence as you learn to apply for them also. Look for jobs you can work partime that offer tuition assisatance. Start investing earliy with refunds from student loans and grants, (buying stocks and bonds) to help pay back any money borrowed to fund your education. Look for students from your home high school and mentor them, help them to be accountable to you or others. Last but not least find an outlet to have fun that do not pull you away from your purpose for going to college.


The first thing I would tell myself is that if you want to go to a State College GPA is the only thing that matters. It's okay to take the easier classes and not the AP or College Prep Courses. I have a friend who took the basic classes and she graduated highschool with .2 points higher on her GPA than I did, and got better funding for school eventhough I was in more clubs and took more difficult classes. Then I would tell myself that if you know what you want to major in, pick the best school for you and move there. I knew I wanted to be an interior designer, but instead of moving away to my college of choice I tried to save money by taking the basics like English and Art History at a local campus. It took me 3 years before I finally moved away. The last piece of advice is never move in with your best friend. When I finally moved away to my dream school I moved in with my two best friends from highschool. We haven't spoken since I moved out.


Well one thing that i would tell myself is to be more organized in high school. This good habit will help you a lot in college. Also don't lose contact with friends that you had in high school when you move. You might regret it like I did. Another thing is to have good study and homework habits. There will be a lot of homework in college. And the teachers will not baby you like they did in high school.


You don't have to follow your sisters foot steps. And don't worry about having a boyfriend and if you do, college will be very tough. Don't stress out so much about school if something happens let it go because most of the time you can't do anything about it. Just stay focused and be yorself. Don't worry so much about you high school friends they will move on and most likely you guys will septerate, but don't worry about it. There are a lot of friends out there. Also, make sure you have a job on the side because it give you extra money, helps with time managament, and keeps you out of trouble.


If I had the chance to go back in time I would tell myself read up and get a head start on my classes a week before school starts so that all the information isn't to much to take in the first couple of days. I would also recommend working and saving as much money as possible so that living would be stressfree. Stress is one thing that you don't need in college prepare yourself well with balancing hours and work. College will be the best choice you will ever make and you wil be successful with what you take out of it. Study hard everyday and don't get behind. Then again enjoy your college experience but to a point where to won't get in the way and take any opportunity when it comes to getting paid, Your going to need it!


College is great. There is so much freedom, excitement, new people, and best of all plenty of free time. This free time is really the huge difference between high school and college. Some use the free time to play their favorite video games such as Call of Duty or Halo 3. Others use their free time to sleep their life away and do absolutely nothing. Several find themselves going out several nights a week and getting intoxicated. This, by the way, I do not recommend. And then of course there are those who study almost every waking minute they are not in class. This however, I also do not recommend. I think the secret to being successful in college is to find the balance between both your social life (which can be very important) and of course your studies. Getting good grades should be your primary focus because; this is of course why you are there. To achieve and become something better than you are now. Students should stay on the task of getting their degree, starting their careers, and hopefully bettering the world in the process.


I would tell my self to make sure that I knew the process of being admitted into the college. I would also tell my self to understand more about the financial aspect of it and what I can do to make college less expensive for me.


Knowing what I know now there are three major things that I would tell my former high school senior self. I would tell myself about applying myself and building relationships. One thing that I have learned in college is how to get things accomplished through applying myself. It took me awhile to figure out that I have all the power and knowledge I?ll ever need to accomplish any task set ahead of me. You just have to put forth the effort. If something needs to be done then do it, if you don?t know something then look it up, if you don?t understand something then ask the professor! Also, you have to be able to roll with the changes. This leads me in to building relationships. Whether it?s with teachers or students building relationship is high important. Not only is it nice to have some friends to hang out with, but it?s extremely beneficial to have students who know you subject of study to help you out with you school load. And it can be even more important to build these relationships with your teachers because they know more than you can imagine.


I would strongly suggest not slacking off your senior year of high school to start. It is very important because those grades largely determine financial aid an individual could receive. Also, work on being an independent person rather than depending on others. Being a college student, I have realized being an independent person helps socially and emotionally. College for the first time is very nerve racking and stressful. Another bit of advice, be prepared intellectually. College only gets harder so taking high school work seriously would benefit. Another point, get involved with your school. Be active in clubs and organizations. These show leadership and other skills people attain that can also be very useful when filling out those scholarships. Be organized! Organization is very important in college. It is all up to you, your parents aren't going to tell you to clean your room anymore. Overall, keep an open mind and use your head. It's not hard, but may get challenging. Go to class and do your work and transitioning from a high school senior to a freshman in college, you'll be just fine!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have a few things to tell myself. The first thing would be to listen to Mr. Brown. His lectures about college are the truth and will be extremely useful. The second thing is the rumor about being about to leave the classroom after the professor is late for so many minutes, depending on their degree, is false. Thirdly, start saving any money you can. Something about college makes you want to leave home as soon as possible and you'll need the money to be able to do that. Finally, you won't be in classes with people you have known all your life. Sure, you will have a few classes with one of them, but most of the time you won't see any of them. You will be sad and feel alone sometimes, but you will make new friends. Some which will have more in common with you than anyone you grew up with. These will become some of your best friends. Everything consider, you will be okay. This is what I would like to say to the younger me.


If i could go back and talk to myself as a senior i would tell myself to not make the same mistake i had done and to finish strong and study for all the classes and to take the ACT one more time to try and get a better score. Also i would tell them to start than looking for scholarships so he would have plenty of time to hear back from them to save up money for college. I would then tell them to go down to the college a week before and drive around the city to look for a job than so he could get one before the rest of the college students came and took them.


Take your time when deciding what field to go into. College is a great experience and is nothing to be afraid about. Don't be anxious. You will make new friends that you will have for the rest of your life, and you will lose old friends because of the time it takes to study in college. You have to study! College is nothing like highschool. You make your own success. Work hard and you will suceed!


I would have studied more and be more focused on my future instead of just getting through high school.


I didn't go to college right out of high school, I chose to marry and start a family. I took college courses here and there but wasn't dedicated. I, also, didn't research the trend of the job market but took classes I enjoyed which may not help me in my career in the falling economy. I would tell myself to wait on the marriage and children go straight to college put my heart and soul into it and go in a field that would still be stable under difficult times. I would also strongly encourage myself to continue my education during my life time. It's a very rewarding experience to learn something new everyday and keep your mind active. I love going to school and will be sad when I am done getting my degree but I plan on taking my own advice and continue keeping my mind active for a very long time


I would tell myself that school is my number one priority and studying is much more important than hanging out with friends. It is important to go the extra mile in every class and not just get by with the minimum. Bill Gates did not become who he is today by doing minimum work. A strong work ethic is very important in becoming a leader in the community or even a leader to the world. Also, buy every book the professors recommend students to read and all textbooks too. Books help you further your extra mile!


If i could go back and give my former self advice about collage i would recomend taking every opertunity to enhance im knowlage. I only took classes that pertained to my major the first 2 years of collage. I have now decided to take more classes than requered to try and enhance my diversisty and skill leval in many aspects of career choices and life. I belive this will enhance my marketability in the job search and improve me as an individual.


The advice I would have givin myself would be to make sure all classes that I took at the local community college would transfer corectly.


My advice is to visit as many colleges as possible and look at all the options when choosing a college or university. Always ask for the smallest details about the programs they have and the finacial aid you may be recieving; you can never have too much information. Students, this is a big part of you life and you deserve to get everything that you can out of it, don't let your decision be dictated by you parents. You should take their advice, as well as mine with a grain of salt and go to school where you will be happy. As I've learned the hard way, a good student is a happy student.

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