Pittsburg State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Try to find a college that matches your lifestyle and beliefs. For example, try not to attend a very religious college if you don't have any religious affiliation; or don't attend a conservative university if you have more liberal beliefs - this will make you feel out of place! Once in college, work on a balance between school and your social life - don't let one keep you from engaging in the other. Open yourself to new experiences, including new people, their cultures, new ways to think, and new activities. Don't go home every weekend! Join clubs or other student organizations. Choose your major very wisely. Never pick something because it makes a lot of money. Imagine something you would want to do even if you weren't getting paid for it - then choose that as your major. Also don't choose something simply because you're good at it. Great at numbers, but hate math? Don't be a math major! In summary, allow yourself to open up more in college - there's tons of new experiences waiting. Don't get too bogged down with one thing. Make it 4 years you'll really remember!


When I began taking many college visits my senior year of high school, I payed close attention to what I looked for in colleges to help me figure out which one was the best choice for me. What I was wanted in a college was a place that had a friendly atmosphere, was not too big but not too small, had the desired majors available I was interested in, and basically a place I could call home. Choosing the right school was a hard and stressful process, but once I found one that suited my needs, I knew it was going to be the place for me. To students trying to figure out where they would like to continue their schooling, i think they need to decide what they are looking for. Once students decide that, take their visits, and think about their options, they will be able to make the right choice. Parents helping should be supportive with whatever their child wants to do. After making the relieving choice and once attending the college, I would tell students to stay involved in many activities to meet new friends, and make lasting relationships to have an unforgettable college experience!


Some people think that they need to go to a bigger university because it looks better in the long run. But what I've found out while attending is Pittsburg State is the smaller the classes the easier it is to learn what is being taught. The professors make it their responsability to help you with whatever you need. It is also significantly less expensive which is very helpful, not only for me but my parents as well.


Visit the College because if the campus does not feel like you are ment to be there then you probably aren't. The way the school makes you feel on the first or second visit can determine where you will spend the next four years.


Pittsburg State University is not exremely expensive but it is very educational.


Research each school well and visit the campus and talk to student who attend there.


The college experience is one that is multi-faceted . The balance of school, social life, and extracurricular activities can prove to be quite intracate. Firstly, school should always be priority. GO TO CLASS! Commiting just small amounts of time for study and homework goes a long way. Try not to concentrate on one activity or group of people. Try to dabble in things that you may not be completely comfortable with initially. Broadening one's scope of different culture and ways of life is something that I feel is absolutely necessary to being a good member of society. Next, study abroad if it is possible for any student. Although it can prove to be costly, the experience and people you meet around the world are most definitely worth it; I know from experience. Lastly, but not least, have fun. Don't be afraid to make friends with lots of people and try to find pleasure in everything you do. Try to find a school that you think will be supportive of who you are and who you would like to be.


Living in the dorms freshman year was a great way to meet people, also greek life is great it helps you feel at home as well as someone there to keep tabs on you with grades and partying.


I feel that if you are financialy capibale of sending your child to a four year college, then send them away. I think that when I decided to go two hours away for school it was a great decision on my part. This is because, I grew up in a small town and I needed to grow up and get out and make something of my life. If you are from a small town go to a smaller college, if your from a big town then you shoud be able to handle a big or small college. Also students need to get involved with fraternities or sorority, clubs and sports, it helps to get to know more people and meet new people. You won't have a very good time if you don't make friends and go out and have fun.


I would advise parents and students to visit their top college choices. Take the tour the college offers and do some looking around for yourself, ask the students and teachers questions that you have. You will get a more accurate answer if you do. Look at the clubs and social things to do on campus and see which college offers the activities you enjoy doing. You won't be at class, studying, and doing homework all the time and you don't want to be stuck in your dorm room. If you have a question or prefer a style of teaching, ask your teacher! They are great at answering and helping you succeed. The first week of class, make a friend! This way if either of you miss or have questions on the assignments you have a friend to turn to. Always do the extra credit! You may think you won't need it, but it never hurts to have it just in case your plan doesn't work out or the class is harder than you expected. College, for me, is about doing well and getting the education that I paid for to help me succeed in the world!


Spend some time at the school. Go to a football game, walk around the campus. I picked the school I am currently attending, based only on the advice of some friends - I had never visited the school before I applied. And while it worked out, it is dangerous to do something like that. Find a school that fits your personality - the size IS important, no matter what one may think going into this experience. Many schools have good lines of communication with families to let them know about upcoming events - that is comforting for parents letting their children go away. Overall, it's important to "fit your style." Look at the location - city, country, mountains, plains. Look at the proximity to your home...sometimes a high school student wants to "get away" only to find out later that s/he is homesick from being 10 hours away from family. Two final bits of advice...don't be afraid to change your major - being 18 does not mean you know what you want to do "when you grow up." It takes a long time to figure that out. And secondly...ENJOY college - don't rush it!


Hopefully to get more information before sending their children to school. Make sure that the school/town they go to is right for them, and to just trust their children.

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