Pittsburg State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The campus is big enough to see and meet different people each day but small enough to see all your friends while walking to classes. When you are in a class you don't feel left out or invisible, the teachers notices you. I absolutely love the small class sizes,because the teachers know your name and they will help you when you are in need.


There are many things that set my school apart from the others; however, I believe it?s the academics. Pittsburg State is known for many great programs such as auto tech, nursing, mathematics, business, and many more, but that?s not what makes it so great. At Pitt State there are about 7,500 students. This means smaller class sizes and more attention from teacher which makes the learning experience much easier compared to huge rooms filled with hundreds of kids being lectured to. Going here makes me feel part of something good. That is what makes it the best.


I love the small classes, i feel like i have more of bond with the professor.


The best thing about my school, Pittsburg State University, is that I always feel very comfortable with other students, faculty members, and club leaders. As a student athlete, it has given me a chance to meet many more people that I have become great friends with. The university is filled with many aspiring people that I have come to know, and that have been so welcoming from the start. There is nothing better than feeling at home where you go to school, and I am so happy I have been able to experience that that feeling!

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