Pitzer College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Student activities on Pitzer range from yoga club to student bands to Legal Society. Lots of students participate in team sports (we're paired with Pomona for most of them, but for smaller sports - I'm on the women's rugby team - the team is actually 5C). In and around the dorms, students frequently interact with each other or leave the doors open to the gorgeous California sunshine. Pitzer is actually a tamer party school than CMC or Harvey Mudd, with some students choosing to go off campus to party or drink, but many deciding to spend time with friends or do POA (Pitzer Outdoor Adventure) trips on the weekends. Off campus, Los Angeles is a fantastic resource for cultural events and concerts.


Pitzer clubs are always shifting. They always change from year to year, based on the student interests. Some clubs are consistent, such as the ever-popular Pitzer Outdoor Adventures, a club which funds outdoor-oriented trips around the region or the Green Bike Program, a bike shop collective which promotes cycling culture and fixes/provides bikes to students. Other clubs are more unique, such as a club founded last year which was based around making kombucha, a non-alcoholic fermented health beverage. Whatever your interest, you can find it at Pitzer. If not here, there are great five college (5C) clubs as well, which are a nice way to meet other students and further your interests. The only thing you won't find is greek life. We are definitely not into the whole frat lifestyle. Sports aren't as popular a culture either, although there are definitely talented athletes.


The most popular clubs on campus are politically active clubs, and intramural sports. It is easy to meet people at events like Groove at the Grove, where everyone is dancing the night away. Nearly everyone at Pitzer smokes weed on a regular basis. And there are lots of parties, even on Tuesday nights. If your into music, there are regular shows at the Glass House in Pomona, which is only 20 minutes away.


The sports team is shared with Pomona College, and though many poeple are into sports I don't feel that it is a rallying point for students. Students often leave their dorm rooms open, and I feel as though everyone is welcoming and friendly. We have several music events and once a year is Kohoutek, the largest music festival of the 5-colleges. There is no greek system. I met most of my friends from hanging out in the dorm lounge, freshmen mentor groups, classes, and through other friends. I don't drink, but find many things to do on weekends (that don't necessarily involve being at a party and watching other people drink). There are many parties, and also many events or activities. I play video games with a bunch of people at Harvey Mudd, but you can go dancing at Pomona or drinking at Claremont McKenna or hang out at the Grove House or watch a movie on the Mounds.


There are parties all the time. Themed and everything. Basically if you want to go out, there is a choice of options. And its also can be a good way to meet people from the other 4 colleges.


Great social life and activities. The 5 Colleges sorta share one social life, so if you can't find what you're looking for at Pitzer, it's really easy to go to another school.


Ecological Center, Pitzer Outdoor Activities, and Pitzer Activities and Community Team are the most popular groups on campus. I'm involved in Student Senate, serving as an Office of Student Affairs Advisory Committee member. I attend a handful of meetings a year with the student body president, Associate Dean of Students, and the school's Vice President to discuss and implement policies and programs to improve the overall student life experience. Most students leave their dorm room doors open. Athletic events are a minimal draw for most Pitzer students. Guest speakers definitely receive the greatest attention from Pitzer students. I met my closest friends in my classes. There is no greek life at Pitzer, and nearly everyone prefers it that way. Every Friday Pitzer hosts "Groove at the Grove." Student bands, or paid musicians perform on the steps of the Grove House. Beer is available, but otherwise this event is comparatively more low key than any other campus get-together among the other four colleges. Many Pitzer students go on hikes to Mt. Baldy, Joshua Tree, or nearby hot springs.


Pitzer is very socially open. It's pretty easy to meet new people. A lot of people leave their doors open. There are so many social groups and clubs and teams, you won't be able to keep track of them all. If there's not a group for you, you can easily create one. Pitzer hosts a variety of guest speakers. We have a huge concert event every year called Kohoutek, where a bunch of bands come to play for two days. Since there are five campuses, it's not too hard to find a party at one of them any night of the week. However, you'll find more parties on a Saturday night than a Tuesday night. My favorite non-academic activity is choir (which I get academic credit for). It's very easy for anyone interested in singing to join Concert Choir, but Chamber Choir is a more select group. Both are audition-only, but don't be afraid of our conductor. He's very talented and has a great sense of humor. If you like to sing but don't like choir, there are six a cappella groups on campus, each with a different personality. I don't go off campus too much since there is so much to do here, but there are nearby places. A lot of students go to the neighboring Claremont Village for meals or shopping. There's a large shopping center within biking distance, a Trader Joe's, and it's not too bad of a drive to get to LA (just avoid the traffic). I had a Disneyland annual pass last year, and I visited several times. Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Tijuana are all within driving distance, but you'll probably want at least a long weekend to take a trip like that.


I am on the swim team, which kicks ass!!! Josh White is most possibly the best coach ever known to man! He is indeed the main reason why I came to this school. The team it self is pretty sweet. We have alot of really good freshmen this year, which is a good sign because it is Josh's first recruiting class, so we have a very bright future. The pool is one of the best I have competed in, and I've been to alot of nice pools. So yeah, if you have any swimming experience I would highly recommend looking into joining the team. It has made my college experience so far!


Pitzer Outdoors Activities (POA) is the most popular because they provide free trips to the mountains, beaches, etc. I'm with Latino Student Union and what we do is basically make the campus aware of Latino issues by throwing banquets or fund raisers for day laborers or other Latino centered organizations. Guest speakers are HIGHLY popular here. Bill Clinton came and tickets sold out immediately - boo!! Theatre is popular here as well, especially the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'm in a play right now Zoot Suit. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (March 3). The dating scene for a gay guy like me? What dating scene??? There is so much catiness between the Claremont gays that it makes it virtually impossible to date. The guys here aren't even that great looking (gay guys, that is. The straight ones are... wow!). I met my closest friends through a diversity program Pitzer put on to show the campus to prospective students. I also met others through other friends, in class, organizations, etc. 2 am on a Tuesday? I am studying, but some of my friends went to Pomona College for something called Table Manners, which is a kind of weekly party held at Pomona. Kahoutek usually happens every year. I'm not a big fan, but usually there are people on the mounds and bands playing for the entire day. People party as much as they please. If you want to party all week, you could. If you want to party once a week, you could too. If you don't like to party, that's fine as well. Usually people party 3 nights a week (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). We don't have frats. I went to Harvey Mudd College for a party called Ice Cold - amazing! I also went to Claremont Mckenna for another party, which was pretty good too. Off campus? I shop. I shop a lot. There's a mall nearby. It's a pretty decent size and there's also a target. I also go out to restaurants. Go to that shitty gay club near by Oasis or I just go home and hang out with my friends from home.