Pitzer College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Many people believe that Pitzer college is not as selective or challenging as the other Claremont Colleges. Others perceive Pitzer students to all be pot-smoking hippies.


That they do a lot of drugs and are lazy.


Very politically engaged, sustainability enthusiasts, outdoorsy, enjoy smoking pot, non-confrontational, slackers, stoners, overly idealistic, excited about green living, Hippies, activists.


A stereotype about Pitzer is that it is a school where people are lazy and smoke all the time. When arriving and searching out Pitzer, it becomes very clear that are some amazing student organized and run groups that put together some pretty large projects at the college. Some examples are the student garden, several music festivals, the student cafe, and human rights and environmental clubs. Pitzer students know how to have a good time, how to really connect inside a community and how to organize and get something done. If you want to do something big or be part of something big, it is very possible.


We're hippies, druggies, environmentalists/social activists


That everyone is just a pot smoking hippie and we don't take college seriously.


A lot of Pitzer students are hippies and potheads.


Stereotypes include: Most, if not all students are hippies, stoners, and musicians and/or artists. That students are idealistic and naive.


i think one of the main stereotypes about pitzer is that we're a "pot-smoking hippie school." the administration makes this out to mean that we are a very eco-friendly-save-the-earth-from-global-warming school, but it really just means we get high and compost - all the time...


Pitzer students are liberal and very politically active. They're vegetarians who smoke pot, play music, and go to protests. They do lots of volunteer work and plants lots of trees.


All Pitzer kids are stoners!!!


When asked what college I go to and respond Pitzer, I usually get a dismissive look because I am a student at a hippie college with hippie professors smoking pot and skipping class and still getting straight "A"'s. We have the reputation of being very liberal, lazy and stupid.


main stereotypes are that we're all marijuana smoking, birkenstock wearing, hippies