Plymouth State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Plymouth State University is a small campus in New Hampshire and a lot of people wonder why you would want to live in such a rural environment; the beauty of the campus, dedication of the faculty, and the opportunities the school holds is what makes it my kind of perfect.




Plymouth State University offers the best combination of online and classroom learning for full-time educators seeking to become administrators.


Plymouth State has something for everyone!


Describing my school in one setence would be difficult to do but is accomplished by saying competively academic!


Plymouth State University is a very warm and welcoming campus where education and community are first.


Small community surrounded by the mountains, in our own world. You see plenty of familiar faces whether it be another student in your class or a teacher. Campus activities for everyone to have a good time and hang out. Sports games, chilli cook off or wiffle ball tournament, a lot to offer if you want to put yourself out there. If you are having problems in class you WILL get help, all you have to do is ask and the teacher will give you the time you need. Comforting, nice, beautiful campus.


This school is amazing for snowboarders/skiiers.


Plymouth State University is has a scenic, friendly campus; the staff is warm and the students are committed to PSU pride.


Plymouth State University is absolutely wonderful in it's performance not only as an institute for higher education, but also as a home.


Plymouth State University is a sleepy higher-education institution. Classes can be fairly challenging in terms of the work load but class sizes are small which allows for more personalized teaching/learning experience. PSU is aesthetically pleasing but has a small campus as well a small downtown area. Most students attending Plymouth State University enjoy sports, the outdoors, and skiing or snowboarding. In essence, PSU is a small, relatively unchallenging, outdoor-oriented higher education institute.


Plymouth State University is a college with helpful faculty that care about the students, friendly students and has a safe campus.


A good place to learn.


A great school to come and meet people and ski; however not the best school to go to for a top notch education.


Not the right fit for me.


im freindly out going and i would do anything for anyone


Plymouth State University is very GO GREEN.