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It has a great location and so many different majors.


Instead of driving from Milan, NH to Plymouth, NH my college offers a program where the teachers from Plymouth State drive to White Mountain Community College and we go there. It is a newer program and has been very successful.


At Plymouth State University there is a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs taught by staff that are 100% dedicated to student success. Campus is located in the natural beauty of New England, just south of the White Mountains. We are surrounded by some of the nation's most beautiful landscapes, which allows students recreation oppotunities all year round. Outdoor recreation activites are very popular among our students, this creates opportunties for classmates to form special bonds, making our campus a very friendly and comfortable place to be.


I looked at a lot of schools, from online degree programs to going somewhere nearby. I found that Plymouth was able to offer me an online degree that works with my own current employment. I am a teacher seeking an M.Ed. in Adminstration and I will be able to do my internship right in my own building. Plus, I can take most of my classes online. Some of the classes are hybrids, meaning I go to a few classes for the discussions and finish online. In short, the best of both worlds at Plymouth State University!


The location is one thing that sets this campus apart from others that I looked into. I am an advid outdoorsman who loves the mountains year round. PSU is in the heart of the White Mountains and provides many opotunities for recreations and discounts to local ski mountains that make it possible to have fun on a budget.


PSU is in the heart of NH and allows one to ski, boat, hike, shop; to do almost anything. Because it is a smaller educational community it is very friendly in nature.


Plymouth State University is unique because of its location. The campus is nestled in the White Mountains and is surrounded by lush forests and rivers. Also, our campus is very historic. We are a smaller University but our campus boasts a lot of spirit and enthusiasm. We work hard to learn a lot in our courses and accelerate academically.


Plymouth State University is a school that has a focus on community, especially the athletic community. The Health and Human Preformance Department is a very strong department with very strong and well supported majors within it. Being an Athletic Training major puts me in a very intensive and strong program, while being at a small school that encourages that community feel. Out of the five schools I applied to and got accepted into, looking back at the Athletic Training programs, PSU has one of the best programs in my opinion.


It's in a really beautiful location, and is really eco-friendly.


Plymouth State University is unique compared to the other schools I Iooked at because of it's location. Plymouth is right by the mountains which is nice if your a snowboarder or skiier like myself. The school even offers discount packages to certain mountains. We also vote on a mountain each year to get discount lift tickets to for only nine dollars. Overall the location is perfect if you enjoy the mountains or wilderness.


They have a fantastic education program. I transferred in and still graduated in 4 years.


I applied to three different schools and I chose Plymouth State University because of the low cost of in state tuition, the schools campus and the size of classes. The surrounding environment made a big difference in my decision. The overall feeling of Plymouth State University was that it was personal and many things were in walking distance and the school shuttle provided frequent rides to Wal-Mart. The class room atmosphere was suitable for me and the teachers made an effort to learn the student?s names instead of assigning them numbers.