Plymouth State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The friendly campus. Everyone that attends plymouth is just nice. It is really easy to make friends. Plymouth is also known for being a party school. Yeah, there are a lot of parties, but you don't have to be a partier to come to Plymouth. There are plenty of other things to do.


My school is best known for it's outstanding people and school unity. Everyone is so friendly and always welcoming. On campus, no matter who you look at you will see someone wearing Plymouth State apparel. Home men's ice hockey games and football games are almost always sold out. Sometimes people even have to be turned away from the hockey games because the buildings carrying capacity cannot contain that many individuals. The people who work for the school, right down to the breakfast cooks, are all extremely helpful and kind. They truly want to see everyone grow as individuals.


My school is best known probably for its location. Plymouth State is located in the White Mountains and is right near many awesome ski mountains for the winter and rivers and camping spots for the summer. It is a short drive from so many different hikes and awesome parks.


My school is best known for its sports teams and the mountain setting that it is located in. It is located near 4 ski areas within 15 miles. If you are into the outdoor this is the place for you. It is near the white mountain national forest, and their is plenty to do from snowboarding to hiking in the white mountains. Their is also a mountain bike park nearby.


I'm not exactly sure what we are best known for, but I would say our business and sales programs are incredibly strong programs. We like to take our school work seriously but also know how to relax and have a good time.


it is know for physical education and its professional sales program. I am currently a sports management major and then getting an minor in professional sales. we are also known for our alpine team and snowboarding team


Plymouth State University is known to have a very good education program. My major is early childhood education and I couldn't agree anymore with this statement. All the professors in the education program that I have had so far are all very supportive and encouraging. They have pushed me to be the best that I can be. I have learn a lot about teaching in the education program here. I am working at the Center thats on campus. This job has giving me a lot of hands on opportunity on what it would be like to teach young children.


Plymouth is an area known for the areas surrounding it like all the ski mountains. A lot of people who attend PSU love the outdoors and sports.


Unfortunately, Plymouth State University is known as a party school, as it has made Playboy's party school list. However, it also has a well known education program (which I personally think it over rated), an amazing theatre program, and an excellent meterology program.


Plymouth has a great mediorolog program with its own weather website!


Plymouth State University is best known for its famed teacher preparation program. Originally, the University was started in the mid-1800s as a teacher preparatory school. Still, PSU boasts a fantastic education department that has experienced and intelligent professors. Also, our school consists of a variety of other departments that appeal to everyone.


There is a large drama/theater/acting/art program where students are encouraged to get involved in. Also, my school is known for being environmentally "green" and eco-friendly.


My school is best known for partying. We're rated #9 on Playboy's list.


My school is best known for being a close knit communtiy of educators and students who all work towards a common goal: Getting the student the best education to provide for their futures~ Plymouth State offers many programs to help you reach your goals from study groups, to labs and also offers great recreational activities. Winter sports here are the best!


I believe Plymouth State University is best known for its quality education and its science department.


Plymouth State University is best known for its excellence. From educating to admitting and housing studencts, Plymouth State excels in everything it sets out to do to ensure the quality of the time students spend on campus, and the education they take away from it.


Plymouth has an undenible beauty , that first snow and the excitement that hits the student faces, and watching the mountains turn from green to grey to white. People come to Plymouth because of all the acitvities they have available. With a 9 dollar ski package at various mountains, a rock climing gym down the road, coffee shop down town, open mics, places to swim, and a friendly enviornment one can easily make friends in. Plymouth is best known for not only teaching the mind, but enabling a good balance of mind, body, and soul.


We have one of the only meteorology programs in New England, and it is fantastic. Robert Frost was also a teacher when the university was Plymouth Regular School.


PSU is best known for their educaiton program. That is why I chose to come to this school and why I am very excited to be graduating with my degree in Childhood Studies and certification in grades k-8 from PSU. We are involved in many national education organizations and are constantly involved in the surrounding schools and communities. Principals and Superintendants from around the state recognize that students from PSU are great teacher candidates and many of our graduates are hired before or directly following graduation. This program ensures success in the career in which we earned our degree.


Our school is best known for the education department, particular physical education and music education.