Plymouth State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I would recommend this school to anyone who is seriously dedicated to their education. The teachers at this school are extremely approachable and helpful, and seek to challenge their students. People who aren't afraid of hills or snow will love this college.


It really is a pretty diverse campus. Pretty much everyone is represented here. I would say that an outgoing person should attend Plymouth because of the social life here. A person that likes to have fun, while still knowing how to be a good student. It would definitely help if the person had a very strong studying ability.


A person who feels more conformtable in a college with a smaller population than some other larger schools. Unlike University of New Hampshire, Plymouth State University is much smaller and gives the campus a more friendly and homely vibe to it. People should also consider their majors before coming to Plymouth. This university has a phenomenal criminal justice programs, as well as a few other majors. It is not the most ideal place for an art major, or someone who perfers to live in the city with larger crowds of people.


This school is very accepting of every type of student. I would recommend people who do not want to go to school in a busy city. This school is in the middle of the white mountains with not many things to do outside of the town unless if you love nature. It is a great place to go to school if you love nature, hiking, snowboarding and skiing.


Somebody who is going to be able to focus and put efficient effort into their school work but make time for a social life as well. They should be serious about getting good grades but willing to have a good time as well.


Plymouth State University is a relatively small campus. It is located in a pretty small town in New Hampshire. People who like smaller class sizes and more rural surroundings would thrive at PSU. It is very personal.


There isn't a "kind" of person that should attend this University. It is a University for all types of people. People from all over the world go here along with people with all different kinds of interests. Some students go here because they love the mountain that surround our school and others go here because they like the feel of the campus and town being intertwined. Everyone should consider going here because it is an awesome school that accepts everyone for who they are.


The right kind of person to attend Plymouth State is someone who enjoys small sized classrooms. I myself excel further in classrooms where I can have a closer relationship with my teachers. In bigger schools it is harder for students to find this connection with faculty. At PSU your teachers will be willing to do whatever it takes for you to have the best possible classroom experience. Someone who is looking to attend PSU should be a student who enjoys these one on one setting with his or her teachers.


Depending on what you want to do in college. Plymouth State University has the ability to give students the best education they need. They have the help student need to be success but you wouldn’t get it if you don’t ask and works for it. If you want the best education and have the ability to works for it, and financial assistance, Plymouth State University is the best place for you.


A student who wishes to attend Plymouth State University should enjoy a college lifestyle that's associated with a small, close knit campus. PSU is located in one of the most beautiful locations in the state of New Hampshire, the scenery is outstanding and during my first visit, I was impressed with Plymouth's quaint campus and its downtown shops, which remind me a lot of historic Exeter NH, which is where I'm from. The faculty at PSU is always available to assistant you and the course selections are great for such a small school.


Plymouth is a great place for people to be exactly who they want to be. Freedom of expression is evident all over campus and there is no pressure to be anything you aren’t comfortable with. The small classrooms are great for people who want to have their voice heard and want good relationships with the professors. If you want to be involved on campus there are numerous opportunities, and if not, there’s plenty of space to relax and hang out. The best way to describe the people here on campus would be “Free”.


Someone who likes to have a good time. Someone who is looking to get a well rounded education.


Anyone who loves snow activities such as asnowboarding and skiing.


A person with drive to suceed and excell in their goals.


Any person that loves the outdoors should come here and take full advantage of the all the surrounding mountains. We have the White Mountains, which allow for plenty of hiking, skiing, snowboarding, longboarding, anything.


I believe an open minded person looking to learn and have fun in a social enviroment at the same time should attend PSU.


someone who is open minded, wants to make lots of friends, and feel that they have an oblogation to helping the enviorment. You also better like playing in the mountins, b.c there is not much else to do here, but if you like the outside, you will find a plethera of activites to do


someone who likes to ski or snowboard, willing to learn and be able to have a great relationship with your peers and proffessors.