Plymouth State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The small, quaint town of Plymouth, the quality of the people here and especially the quality of the entertainment/activities on-campus groups put on for the student body. Be it tie-dye, movie nights, activity nights, ski days, etc, there is always something to do here, and there are always people willing to help you and befriend you.


I brag about how amazing the PSU community is!


When I tell my friends about Plymouth, I usually mention the beauty of the campus. In New Hampshire, we experience all of the seasons, and Plymouth demonstrates them beautifully. Another thing I brag about is how the university is built around the town. You can get to many shops and restaurants just by walking down the road a bit.


I think the best features of Plymouth State University is the sincerity with all of my professors. I cannot tell you how much I love all of my teachers, and courses. This may sound like ccomplete lies, but I thoroughly enjoy going to classes where my teachers are excited to teach and I get to be taught things I love.


What I brag most about my school is how beautiful it is here. You can just look out from any window on campus and are taken back my the surrounding White Mountains that almost pretect this little town. During the winter, just walking across campus is like walking in a winter wonderland. The snow looks like glitter and no matter how many inches we get it always coats the campus perfectly like magic. During the fall, you are surrounded by the breathetaking colors of fall leaves, almost as if it gives New Hampshire is name for its famous fall colors.


the class sizes are that of a high school class, they are small and allow for more personal conncections between other students and your professor


I brag about the friendliness of what my school offers. Friendliness makes a difference between wanting to continue pursuing college or jeporidizing dropping out.


I think one of the best advantages I found at Plymouth State University is the ease at which I was able to transfer into the Criminal Justice Program as a junior student. When I had applied to the University, I had already completed my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. My advisor looked at my credits I had already completed and I was able to transfer 63 of them. My advisor also looked at my completed courses and made a schedule of the remaining course I would need to complete my curriculum. With this completed, I will graduate on time.


I love the location, close to mountains and lakes. Love the campus, so friendly!


The mountain view is absolutely incredible! Every morning from my dorm room, I could see the sun rise over the mountain tops; best feeling ever when one can see the first shine of light coming over the hilltop.


I play football for PSU and love it. I would say that is the one thing that I speak most about.


Plymouth State University is a welcoming and friendly school. I made great friends which I hope to have for life within the first couple of weeks. There are also alot of courses available and there are courses for everyone to enjoy. The shuttle service at plymouth is very convenient and helpful also it is always on time and has a stop for everywhere around campus.


I probably brag the most right now about my grades. I have done really well while I have been at Plymouth State. Another thing I frequently talk about with my friends is the discount rates for snowboarding at the local mountain that Plymouth offers.


I went to a very small high school, and sports were not only a school focus, but a town focus. When I tell my friends about PSU, I tell them that I still have the community feel of our town while being at school, and I tell them about how fantastic of a program I am in for my major. Many people think that PSU is a joke (because most NH students use it as a safety school), but I always tell them that I do work hard, but how much I love it.


I have made many friends - the people here are great.


Growing up in New York, I found going to PSU was like a breath of air. I often find myself bragging about the friendly enviornment and the magic one can only find in the heart of New England. People wave to each other and send hellos without a question, never asking to open a door, and always with a smile whether you're their best friend or a complete stranger. The connection one finds with even the teachers is stronger then I could imagine with any other school, and allows an easy enviornment to grow and learn.


It is a good size it's not too big. There is always something to do and you usually never get bored.


Working on campus has so many benefits and feels so rewarding! The work is fun, you feel very involved, solid friendships are formed, and it also helps financially. If working for Residential Life, you get free housing and a steipened (even though it's a small amount it's still a major help!) How can you beat that??


I brag about it's location, the campus is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The area is also very peaceful and everyone is really friendly. The school is small so everyone knows everyone and I like that a lot.


They kept me on the right track and were very helpful when it came to obtaining my degree. I graduated within 4 years.


Party seen is pretty soild and the ski season is good cause there are alot of mountains around