Plymouth State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who aren't "party-people" definitelly shouldn't attend this school! Also, people who are not open minded or willing to stand up for themselves.


Someone who is looking for only the social aspects of college shouldnot attend this school. Plymouth has a strong sense of community and lots of activities to partake in, it can be easy to get distracted.


This school is a good fit for any one. Every one here is very accepting and it is quite easy for people to make friends. Their are so many clubs that are active here that new students will find like minded people very quickly.


I haven’t met someone that doesn’t deserve to be here. I think that everybody should have an equal chance to education.


I believe anyone can attend this college. An unmotivated student shouldn't attend any college since it is a lot of work. You have to stay on top of your courses and be dedicated to your education.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend Plymouth State University is the kind of person who has no motivation towards acheiving an education.


It is a huge party school, which I do not like. If you are not into the party drug scene, it is not the right school for you. Many people, like I am next semester, commute due to this.


Some one who enjoys city life should not attend Plymouth.


If someone prefers the city, or wants to attend a large college Plymouth state is not for them.


Plymouth State University is a school that is on the smaller side. I would say that a type of person who wants a large community should not attend Plymouth State. It is a community where everyone, for the most part, knows each other and what is going on with specific people. If it is not important to you to be connected with a majority of the students that you attend school with, Plymouth State University would not be the school for you to chose. It is also located in a very small town, not leaving many things to do.


If you attend Plymouth State University you must love the cold. Almost everyone goes skiing at the local mountains on the weekends. I love the winter so this college is a perfect fit for me but if you don't like the cold or any winter activities you probably won't enjoy the weekends here. The winter and the cold would be a very big factor to whether someone was planning to attend this University or not.


A person who likes being surrounded by a lot of people; this school is sort of secluded and you don't see crowds of people all the time. Another person who shouldn't attend Plymouth State is someone who doesn't get outside. Our campus activities include hiking, swimming, biking, boating, and skiing.


I have many relatives that simply do not enjoy to sit and read, let alone to write about it. Reading and writing language simply is not their strong suit. These should find another activity where they can contribute heartily. For instance, my brother, rather than degrees, has entered manual labor and loves it. My Father is a mechanic and serves countless people who need their cars for their education, and loves it. School specifically may not be enjoyable for everyone, but service can be.


I would not attend Plymouth if you do not like to be hot during summer, cold during winter, or if you have issues keeping an open mind. The coursework is difficult and will push you but if you’re looking for 80 hours of homework a week you won’t find it here (unless you try really hard). We are a small town community with a river running through it so if you’re more comfortable with city life, you might not enjoy the scenery.


Someone who absoulety hates cold weather shouldn't attend PSU. I also think students who don't enjoy any winter sports wouldn't find PSU "perfect" for them. Other than that this is a school for everyone, no matter what your personality is I'm sure there's a group of friends for you.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who will not take college seriously. Just like any school it is easy to get caught up in the party life of college. A student that will attend Plymouth State University will take their education seriously and will make sure to stay on top of their work. This college has so many undergraduate programs and great advisors you will be sure to find a line of work that you like. That is if you take college seriously.


Someone who is looking for a large place flourishing with student-involvement activities should not attend this school.


Plymouth is a great school, but if you aren't willing to put up with the crazy things that could happen, then I suggest that you choose not to attend.


Plymouth State University is great for students who wish to pursue a variety of majors. People who have trouble accepting people shouldn't attend PSU, as PSU is a very accepting school.


To be honest, a person who is not into the drinking schene should not attend. This school has been ranked one of the top fice schools that drink a lot. Other than that, the school has a small town feel and if they dont like the winter and cold, this school is not for them.


The kind of student that should not attend Plymouth State University is someone who is not well motivated. Our school is pretty laid back. I do not consider it to be high stress or high intensity for classes, so you yourself have to have the drive to do well in your classes. Also someone who would not enjoy going here is someone who hates the cold weather and snow. It was 40 in the beginning of October here and just started snowing a few days before Halloween. We get tons of snow in the winter!!


Students who need a degree of luxury should't attend Plymouth State University. The living quarters leave much to be desired and most of the academic buildings haven't changed since the 1950's. Also, those with a higher standard of academic integrity should look elsewhere seeing as classes are not as challenging as other four-year institutions. Students who are looking for shops, restaurants, and other activities outside of school, should steer away from Plymouth State University and seek out a larger college or university.


People who enjoy the city setting definitely should not attended this school. There is no big cities, shopping centers, or big attactions around the school besides mountains for hiking and skiing.


People with free spirits that want to do well in school while balancing extra curricular groups and keeping busy.


People who don't like a small town kind of feel. Plymouth State is in the middle of a very close knit community and if you don't like that then this isn't the place for you.


I feel that someone who isn't ready for college shouldn't go to this school. Someone who isn't ready wont appreciate the education that is given here. It's an intimate school, small campus, and good size classes. Someone who doesn't want a great education shouldn't ggo to Plymouth State University.


this school is great, im so happy that i chose it. anyone who is looking for a great four years of learning, not just in the classroom but spending their time getting to understand who they are and where theyre going.


Adventure seekers, People who can balance partying with working. People who enjoy making connections and relationships with there professors and classmates. They will feel like they are part of the community, they are in a save campus environment.


Students who should not attend PSU are ones that need extra help. Some tutoring is offered in lower level courses, but often not in upper level Junior and Senior courses. It may be too much of a struggle during the last two years.