Plymouth State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustratig thing about Plymouth State University is the financial aid situation. I feel students that really need the help may not be receiving it. Many students have parents that make good money so it looks as if they can help their children through school. This is absolutely not the truth. Both semesters I have attended here I have had trouble with getting financial aid questions answered and being assisted in finding other sources of financial help for school.


Time management. There is never enough time to balance all, education, working and social life.


I love Plymouth State University. The only thing that I could say is frustrating is the distance away from my home. When I want to drive home and back, it is an hour and a half drive each way and that gets kind of annoying sometimes if I need to go home for some reason.


By far the most frustrating part of school would have to be paying for it. The lack of financial aid available for me as a full time student is extremly displeasing as i am responsible for the entire bill. I beleieve the demand for higher education in today's work force is needed more each year; leading to my decision to stay enrolled in school. With both my parents unable to budget my schooling, more grants, scholarships and "free money" should be given out, especially to students like myself who can adapt and succeed in college.


The most frustrating thing about this school is how far away it is from some "entertainment". The nearest movie theatre is 25 minutes, the nearest bowling alley is 30 minutes, and the nearest mall is close to 40 minutes away.


The most frustrating thing about our school our "Blackboard" system. This is what we use to do online things with our courses and the thing never works and is way to confusing to me and many other students. We need to have a new system upgrade for what we use to check our classes online and grades. Also parking is another really frustrating thing at Plymouth State University!


The most frustrating thing about my school is that during the winter they do not provide more shuttles so that students don't have to walk across campus or wait in the freezing cold. If they don't want to provide more shuttles during the winter they should invest in shuttle stops that are heated.


After one year at the school I have not found anything frustrating about the school but there's still 3 more years to go so I might find something.


The hours of admin operations... Stuff closes at 4:30?! Some offices close at 3 or 3:30. Parking passes for guests. Lack of "town-life" at night. Unless its a bar, everything has early closing hours in town. Also the student union closes at midnight?! Too early. Dining hall is TERRIBLE. Food and hours both are awful.


The most frustrating thing about our school is that sometimes communication breaks down between offices and administrative buildings and topics or issues get dropped and cause bigger problems than they were to start. For instance, the teachers in the education department set up a method for us to register for core classes and complete our degree and other departments were not on the same page and this made things very frustrating. The good thing is that our teachers and the administrators are quick to appologize and resolve the issue before it really effects our individual educations and degree requirements.


The most frustrating thing about Plymouth State University is that getting into classes that are required is hard and much time is spent to walking around and individually adding classes. The school is admitting more students than they can handle and the students are paying for it. New housing has been build for new incoming students but the class rooms are staying the same size as before. Classes are being filled extremely fast and in order to get into a class teachers and the bursars office have to sign each student in when another drops the class.