Plymouth State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I believe that I know what to expect when coming to this school. While I know it is a "party school" I believe I know how to limit myself and put my priorities in order. I know that many come to this school to party and get a degree, but I came to this school to learn. I chose this university because it is close to home and a smaller college.


I wouldn't give myself a warning about the school or college in general. In fact, the only thing I wish I had known was how much I would enjoy my time at Plymouth State University. I wish I could have seen just how enriching and welcoming the school and community would be. I had a lot of anxiety when it came to applying to colleges and leaving home. It would have eased my passage to know that it was right where I was supposed to be.


I wish I had known more about the classes and professors before I came here. Although most of my classes this year have been great and very knowledgable, I have had a couple classes that I regret taking, either because of the subject matter in the class, or simply because of how the professor decided to teach the class in an unothordox teaching style, which normally didn't help our lack of understanding.


I wish that I had known that this school had and outdoor education major. Also I wish that I had planned better and did better in highschool and went into college right out of highschool instead of going into the military. Having a college helps you out going into the military as an officer instead of as an enlisted person. It would also have been better to go to college with people my own age instead of going back to school in my 30s with a bunch of kids. I wish I just made better choices when I was younger.


Exactly how big of a party/drug school it was.


Before coming to my university, I wish I knew more about the community service committee. In high school and actually most of my life, I have had a large concern and need to give back to my community, as well as other communities in the lakes region area. Now that I am in college, studying and trying to build myself in different ways, I feel that it is difficult to find service projects in the college area. Maybe, if I had known more about the community service club, I could be doing more to help others in my community.


A car is important


Similar to most college experiences I have heard, I wish I would have known how close I would be become to some awesome people. I wish I had known how sad I would feel about going back home for the summer and not being able to see the friends I made during the past year, how I wouldnt be able to see them everyday. Wish I would have known I would sometimes have to walk across campus in the morning and that I would actually be okay with it, seeing the sun hit the surroundings was nice to see mornings.


I wish I had known what I really wanted to do. I ended up changing my major this year and I wish I had decided to be a biology major when I first arrived because then I wouldn't be behind in my major. I am now majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry and health. I would reccommend for anyone going into college that unless you are absolutely positive on what you want to do, then I would go in undeclared so you can explore all of your options.


I wish I had known how different college life would be from high school. In college, there is so much more free time and at times it is hard to balance between school work and play. I also wish I had known how to better plan a diet away from home. With all of the food available in the dining hall, it is easy to forget about proper nutrition.


I wish I had known how hard it would be to be socially active on campus while living at home. Living at home makes it really hard to become involved in many campus activities, and therefore you do not meet as many people.


More about the people on the field hockey team, how the team works


I wish I knew more about the athletics, I would have liked to play a varsity sport.


I wish I had known about off-campus job opportunities before I came to the school.


That it was a lot like my hometown, and that is a TAD bit too small for my liking. Also to get out there and meet people and go to parties. To be more outgoing.


Nothing, I believe I came to school knowing everything I needed to and liked not knowing everything and learning as I went.


I wish I had known how little time we have here to accomplish what we'd like.


How beautiful and stunning the geographical area was!