Point Loma Nazarene University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Point Loma Nazarene University is a beautiful campus with a stong comunity and a very well rounded religous feel to it.


A Christian University with an emphasis on education and spiritual growth.


Point Loma is an awesome college for someone who wants to live close to the beach, be in a small environment while still in a big city, and to attend classes where one gets individual attention.


If I could describe Point Loma in one sentence, it would be to say that Point Loma is everything that I wasn't expecting. It is accademically challenging and rewarding, it is socially friendly, and the living situation is better that it first seems. The general attitude of the people that attend Point Loma can be described in one word: satisfied.


A small Liberal Arts Christian University devoted to teaching, shaping, and sending students into the world.


Point Loma is, like any school, what you make of it; it can be a great place to learn and make friends, or it can be miserable and lonely.


The campus is great; the professors and other staff are willing to help you if you put in some effort, don't expect to skip all, or even most of your classes and get A's; students are generally friendly.


Point Loma is an academically strong Christian university that focus on community and fellowship among students and staff.


Point Loma is a fun and friendly campus that encourages spiritual growth, and is focused on gaining knowledge of the world that God has created.


One of a kind and wonderful.


PLNU is a super friendly, beautiful school that enables and encourages personal, spiritual, and educational growth.


The people and professors are awsome; however, a student can easily begin getting sick of the institution.