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This school is unique compared to other schools I have considered because of its location and also its strong emphasis on a relationship with God. There are four chapels held a week. Students have a minimum amount of chapels they must attend. Even classrooms speak of God and religion. A relationship with God is encouraged so strongly, it seems to be tied into everything that happens on campus.


Point Loma has a very strong sense of community. From the second you leave your dorm in the morning to the time you head back at night, there are always people stopping to converse with you and engage with you and who genuinely want to know how you're doing and want to be your friend. Because it is a fairly small school, people are able to get to know one another better more personally and this accounts for students as well as staff/faculty relationships.


Point Loma Nazarene University is unique because of it community and location. Point Loma have a great community that students get to call home when they live on campus.. You will be walking down campus and all you see is smiles from the other students. The greatest thing about our campus is our location. We live on the beautiful cliffs of San Diego and have ocean all around. We get to eat dinner watching the sunset. All we have to do is look a little pass our campus and see the gorgeous environment around us.

Jacklyn Monique

Point Loma Nazarene University is unique because of the sense of community that is upheld here by not only the students but by the teachers as well.


My school has professors that get to know you in a one-on-one basis. It has small class sizes, so you get a better attempt at success.


My University provides mentors, rescources, and encouragement, for students to grow into a strong adult who will not just fit well in thier field, but will challenge and transform thier field by using thier talents, beliefs, and passions to make a positive difference. Faculty and Staff are genuinly invested in students lives and make the campus a place full of positive relationships, and challenging ideas that shape students and encourage them to grow into responsible, passionate, and educated adults, ready to pursue careers and bring new and positive ideas to thier field.


The profesors really care, and are so helpful. They've helped us to find scholarships, encouraged us to join clubs, and really listened to us. They really get to know us all, not by number, and not even only by name and face; they talk to us, and know our personlities and goals.


Point Loma was one of my first choices for many reasons. It was a small student to teacher ratio, it was a university based on moral religious views that focsed on providing a strong spiritual community for students, alum, and people in the surrounding community. The kinesiology department is very reputable, the campus couldnt be any more gorgeous and the internship opportunities for all the majors is outstanding! I am proud to say I will be a graduate of PLNU. As the dean states in our mission statement, "We will teach, shape and send."


My school has a very small student to teach ratio which allows the teacher to get to know each individual. This allows us to have more help on topics we are confused on. It has showed to raise grades and motivate students. Our class average is usually no more than 20 per class (if that).


Point Loma provides students with a positive academic, social, spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual experience that is unmatched by any other university.


Friendly, personal professors that care and invite their students to their homes, and small classroom sizes, sometimes even smaller than my high school class size.


beach front christian school with very personal professors


Location is awesome, small, good business program, very religous.


Point Loma was the only Christian school I applied to. Most of the schools that attracted me were small, liberal arts oriented, and in California. Point Loma ended up being the perfect fit because they have diverse majors to choose from, a good financial aid package, and they were the perfect distance from home: far enough to be independent, close enough to go back when I wanted. Point Loma's location is unique as well. Right on the cliffs, in San Diego, there is every kind of pastime I'm interested in.