Point Loma Nazarene University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is that the school fails very badly when it comes to listening to what the students want. Changes are never made that resemble what the students actually want. For example, our very small weight room is almost always closed due to reserved time slots for athletes or classes. Despite the high number of complaints and number of athletic students that lift weights as a hobby, the times stay constricted to the convenience of the gym facutly.


I'm fortunate to go to such a great and beautiful school that makes this question hard to answer. If I had to change one thing it would be the same as the one thing I would have like to have known before attending. I would change how students know who their advisors are. I would like to have it specifically listed on the schools webpage.


The worst facet of Point Loma is the financial expense. Although the scholastic and social experience is worth the cost, financial aid would make the experience much more enjoyable.


The worst thing about the school is the fact that the professors care so much about the students: they will not let you slack off, even if you think its in your best interest. The fact that they care so much about the students seems bad at one time, but is inevitably a great thing. They push you to succeed.


One of the worst things about this school is the price. It is extremely expensive and I sometimes feel that they could lower the costs if they implemented changes. They are so eager for students to live on campus so that they will recieve room-and board money, that often it is near impossible for students to be approved for off-campus housing.


The open dorm policy, becuase it creates an unhealthy dynamic between males and females on campus.


The off-campus shuttle runs late sometimes, or not at all, which is dificult on freshman, because they aren't allowed cars their first year. It makes it dificult first year to really get around.


-lack of cultural diversity -the price of tuition -lack of variety in the food court


The low degree of free speech allowed on campus. It is a pri vate Christian school and everything said or done on campus must go through the administration and they have the ability to veto anything they don't want the other students on campus to see or hear. They are very agenda oriented.


Point Loma's greatest challenge is the lack of diversirty. I think this falls in the "worst" category because variation is a great education tool. Because most people at Point Loma had similar backgrounds and shared beliefs people got along wonderfully, but a "bubble"effect was created. When people leave Point Loma, they confront many issues for the first time and sometimes maintain narrow opinions as a defense mechanism for unfamiliarity. It would have been better for Point Loma to be more open to people exploring differences and offer space for safe, non-judgmental discussion and learning.


The school is pretty conservative and the rules often get in the way of what are considered "normal" college activities.


It has no football team, so no saturday or friday night games.


Somewhat small campus, not much access to real life. A lot of people are stuck in just samll school bubble.


No diversity amoung students


It's really small and it can be difficult to live off campus as a junior or senior.