Point Loma Nazarene University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Point Loma Nazarene University is a great school with a great reputation. Anyone can attend, but there are regular church sessions and many religious students on camps so anyone who attends should be okay with that.


A person looking to attend Point Loma Nazarene University should be willing to be surrounded in a Christian surrounding. Almost everyone there is a Christian and has strong morals. There is a strong moral code and people not willing to listen to the rules probably shouldn't attend this school.


If you enjoy a small learning environment, aren't a big partier, and love the beach, then you should attend this school, it has one of the most amazing campuses ever.


A person that wants to be involved in a community with accountablity and purpose will do well here. Someone who may or may not know exactly what they want to do they will have many options and direction to lead them the right way. One who love Jesus or one who is searching out the understanding of Jesus's love will appreciate this campus community. Someone who loves the ocean and small town feel, but still wants to experience the city from a distance. These are all types of people that would enjoy PLNU.


The type of person that should attend Point Loma Nazarene University would be an outgoing, accademically excited, outdoor oriented person who wants to be pushed in their religious beliefs and education. The typical student at Point Loma loves to do things outdoors and is very friendly, but also is very involved in their schoolwork. The students at Point Loma truly enjoy attending the school because of the overall friendliness of the people that attend the school.


I think that this school is a wonderful community for any type of student. Diversity is strongly desired and friendships are easily made. Many students that attend Point Loma are very driven and strive for achievement. If one wants to find a beautiful school with friendly faculty that challenge and enourage students, Point Loma is a great place to go!


Conservative christians and liberals both go here, but its easier on a christian, because we have chapel three times a week here.


A person who is spiritually, academically, and philanthropically motivated.


someone looking for a good educatio nin a small community christian feel


I suggest that the poeple who should attend this school must be driven towards success. This is a private University that is religion-based. You must be open-minded and be willing to have your character tested becuase you will be in an enironment dominated by the Nazarene religion. Your desire to learn and succeed should be above average. This is a University that makes you abstain from any drugs and alcohol while on and off campus, so you must be willing to abstain.


Surfers; self-motivated; outgoing; friendly;


excited friendly people


A person who want to be surrounded by a strong Christian community that cares about this world and the environment. A person who wants an excellent education with plent of attention from teachers and staff. You get what you pay for.


probably should be christian, or at least similar religion because all students must attend chapel. It is paradise for a beach lover or surfer


Someone who is outgoing and willing to try different things. Also someone with a thick skin who can put themselves out there and doesnt get offended easily. Preferrably someone who is Christian.


A person who wants to be in an enclosed christian enviroment where they will not be exposed to different ideas of religion or ways of life.