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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


As I packed up my life and boarded the plane that would fly me away from the island of Oahu, Hawaii, I never really pondered how my life would change. Even as I attended the new student orientation and unpacked all my belongings into my new dorm room, I barely registered that this was an enormous milestone in my life. Everyone talks about college being a milestone, but like most things, you don't realize how true it is until it's happening to you. I miss my home island every day and self-care has been a struggle for me. If I could go back in time, I would tell my high school senior self to make sure you are taking care of yourself through the transition of moving away from home and attending college. Many struggles will bombard you and you may become overwhelmed with all the changes. Through all of it, take time for yourself to make sure you are happy and healthy. Make sure to love yourself so that you can love others to the fullest. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.


Some great advice to give myself senior self would be to stop being so lazy and start studying because it only gets more difficult in college. Unlike high school, reading the textbook readings for the week is almost mandatory in order to get a good grade on a test. High school is extremely simple compared to college, and I would also advise myself to stop worrying about my ex-girlfriend because I will eventually meet my future wife on the first day of college. I would tell myself that homework is there to help me, not take away my time. I would tell myself that the frienships I will make in college will become closer than ones I will have to leave. The one important thing I would tell myself is that I will mature faster and quicker than I ever thought possible in the first two years of college. I would remind myself that I am not yet a grown man, and that I will find my true identity in the years to come.


If I were able to go back in time and speak with my high school self, the first words of advice would be to not take for granted the amazing opportunities available to me to receive an education. Like many high school students, I did not see the necessity for paying attention in school, doing my homework, or even participating in extra curricular activities. As a current college student I personally went through the struggle of applying for universities and having to transition into the fast pace of college. I would make sure that my high school self would really understand the value of building a strong community and really enjoying life by saying yes, doing more, and being the helping and kind hearted person I know myself to be. I would show myself that even though change is scary and it will make life a little more difficult for a short time, if you work hard and really believe in yourself you can accomplish anything. Every struggle and conflict you come to face with will only improve who you are as a person.


Allow yourself to be transformed. That is the single most advice I would give myself in high school knowing what I know now about college. College is about learning and preparing for your future career but equally as important is what you put into the school and what you get out of it. Try new things, don't overthink things, don't overwhelm yourself, take a study break, go on a midnight Denny's run with friends, visit new places, put yourself out there. These are the transformational moments in a young adults life and these are the moments that will ultimately shape you. I would want my high school senior self to know that most of the struggles, conflicts, and hurt were temporary and that at PLNU I would find professors, mentors, and friends who would mold me and guide me through my worries, doubts, and celebrate in my joy with me. I would tell myself that I would be continuously surprised by the change that will take place within myself and the way God will radically mold you for the life He has called you into. Allow yourself to be transformed.


Looking back, I would tell myself to embrace the people around me in high school. I often found myself dreaming about the future and becoming more and more eager to be in college and overlooked the relationships I had in high school. I would tell myself to go out to more school sponsored events, to work harder in classes and to find joy in everything I do. It is amazing how time really does seem to fly by and before you know it, you're in college. College is a wonderful experience and part of life but high school is as well and it is something you can never return to. All in all my advice to myself would be to: make the most of every situation, cultivate relationships with everyone and work hard in class. It seems so simple yet it's so simple to forget.


College is almost impossible to prepare for. One may be fully capable of handling the academic load, yet may struggle to form friendships. Others use college as an opportunity to meet new people and experience life apart from familial boundaries, but may sacrifice thier scholastic career. Every person will deal with his or her own difficulties in adjusting to college life; however, the right attitude can completely change the prognosis. I have compiled a list of mantras that could benefit incoming students. 1. Get sleep. (And not during class.) 2. Make time to eat. (It sounds silly, but you will not have routine meals provided by your mother.) 3. Professors are your friends (When you are about to graduate and are looking for jobs, you can count on professors to help you network...assuming you didn't skip too many of their classes.) 4. Smile. (It's much easier to make friends when you look amiable and approachable.) 5. There is light at the end of the tunnel. (At one point or another, you will likely feel like college is overwhelming. Know that it is invaluable, and that it will end.)


Hi Carl, this is you in the future, 13 years from now. I want to give you the benefit of my experiences to help prepare you for what life holds for you. I know you won’t go back to school this fall, I understand why. Take this year to establish yourself, however I also know you have always wanted to do computer related work and college is the only way you are going to get it. The cost of school is only going to go up so now is the time to start. I wish 13 years ago I had the attitude about school and life in general I do now. Although you will get a decent job not too long after high school, don’t use that as an excuse to not go to college this is far too important. Work and go to school, it’s not as hard as you or I thought, and the relationships you gain at work are greatly beneficial to you later in life. Take this advice to heart and follow your passion, it will be one of the best decisions you have made in your life. Thank you for your time.


If I could go back to my high school career, I would make sure that I took more core classes and got my advanced diploma. If I had taken more classes, I wouldn't have had to take as many remediation classes in college. I also wish that I had a definite decision on my major before leaving high school. It would have saved me taking the wrong classes during my freshman year in college. I would have worked on putting more money aside to help pay for my classes so it wouldn't be a burden on my parents.


I would suggest a steaming cup of coffee and a smooth rocking chair. Prepare as much as you are capable of doing, but not with unnecessary strain. Know that no amount of preparation, prayer, support and enthusiasm can fully prepare you for the college "experience". Some things you will have wasted time worrying about and other matters had not even crossed your mind. Acknowledge you are going to at one point feel entirely unprepared or inadequate but don't allow yourself more than a few moments to let this settle before you begin to prepare for what you did not know to expect. All this can be assisted by a short pause to breathe and have a cup of coffee. Remember what's important to you but don't be afraid to change parts about yourself. This is a cycle: acknowledge, sip coffee, re-prepare, and reconstruct. Repeat as necessary. College should be taken seriously but remember to enjoy the blessings, respect the time and people, and love it for all the opportunity it will surprise you with.


First off, you need to take college a lot more serious than high school, this isn't a cake walk. You need to do all of your homework, because that will hurt you more than a test. You can no longer skate by this is for real. The professors are nice but you need to work because you earn the grade you get here, you can not skate by your whole life. The most important thing is you need to realize your full potenial, you can make a difference if you put your mind to anything you do. Remeber, to have fun but work hard on your grades and you will go far in life. Everything happens for a reason keep pressing foward, and give it your all.


If I were to talk to a high school senior about to enter college, I would tell that student a number of things. First off, I would tell that student that studying is crucial. In college, there isn't a lot of homework. One's grade is based off tests. If the time and energy isn't put into studying for a test and that test is failed, then it is hard to recover from that bad grade. Second, I would advise the importance of attending classes. Often times, important subjects are discussed in class and if a student doesn't show up, then that information isn't passed onto them. Finally, I would strongly encourage making strong friendships with fellow students. It is important to surround ones self with friends that can support them through hard times and just be someone who one can share a laugh with. There is a lot of pressure in college and it is important to have some sort of an outlet.


The biggest advice I would give to highschool self is to do your best and think about your future. I really messed highschool up just because I just wanted to hang out with my friends. I had really good grades, but having good grades meant that you were a nerd and that was not cool. I screwed up so much that I ended up having a child at 16 years of age. I never had my future in mind at all when I thought I was being so "cool!" Now I am having to pay for it. I would truly tell my highschool self to take highschool seriously because I have the rest of my life to think about! Highschool is not like what real life is about, but you can go far in life if you take highschool seriously, do your best and get into a great college. You will then have the rest of your life to do what you want and by then, you will be much more mature and will be able to make much more mature decisions. Think before you act. Being "cool" in highschool is not all that it is cracked up to be!


College is harder than you think it's going to be. Ask for help, I know you think you don't need it, you think you have to do it on your own. You don't. It doesn't mean you're weak if you ask for help. It means you know and recognize your limits and aren't afraid to tell other people about them. You're going to have so much free time and no one's going to check up on you, no one's going to make you go to classes. Go to them. Do your homework. Make sure you do that first before you do anything else. Get out of your dorm and stay out of it. Take the iniative with other students, even if you're not sure they want to do something with you, ask. You won't make any friends, and you'll be miserable, if you don't seek out other people. I know you're worried about pushing yourself on other people, you don't want to be a bother. If you don't take the iniative though, they won't know you want to be friends, just ask, try.


I would tell my High School Senior self to focus and develop some study skills. Many teachers say that you are paying to be there but do not require you to show up for class. Do not listen to that sentence because attendance is mandatory and required to do more then just receive a passing grade. Attendance and asking questions are two of the most important tools a student can have while in class that may be beneficial when studying for the mid-term or final. In High School it was generally alright if you didn't do the nightly reading but in college the professors actually expect that the students did the reading and go on teaching the next lesson not summarizing the chapter you were supposed to read. Focus, study hard, attend class, and for goodness sake ask questions.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself in high school I would inform myself how important it is to prepare ahead of time. I waited until last minute to sign up and take to take the Praxis I test and to apply to colleges that I was not ready to graduate with my AAT degree when it came time to apply. So i had to wait to apply for the next graduation date and it put me behind. Then i had to take a semester off because i did not look into financial aid or scholarships for schools. I hadn't even applied to colleges yet. When my last semester at FCC came to an end i realized i was not prepared for anything and that it took a lot more time to tranfer to a college than i had thought.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to slow down, take a breath, and that things were going to change dramatically, but all for the better. My parents filed for divorce during the fall of my senior year, and I put a lot of pressure on myself to be perfect. It was something I could control and no one could take that from me, no matter how much family turmoil there was around me. I think I would have enjoyed school and my friends more if I had my future self to talk to, and to assure me that what I was going through was not, in fact, the end of the world, and though the future looked dark and awful, eventually the sun would shine and I would come out on the other side as a stronger, more confident version of myself.


If I could go back and tell myself what I know now, one of the first things that I would say would be to study and to not get too overwhelmed by all the stress that comes with college. I would say that of course there is going to be stress, but just to not let it affect studying and work, and to definitely prepare by learning more studying techniques while still in high school, as opposed to trying to figure out what works best for me in college. Another piece of advice I would give myself would be to put more hours into studying, instead of just hoping that I learned enough in class and that a couple hours of study will help me to pass. Studying is crucial because there is so much mroe information to retain compared to high school. But besides that, there isn't too much else that I would tell myself. It would be basically just enforcing what I know and following through with what I start.


Dear High School Viviane, Hey! It's you in the future. Yes I know it's crazy, but just listen. You need to get on it! I know you want to enjoy your summer, but start getting ready for college. Start to buy things now, to spread out your finances, instead of buying everything at the last minute. Buy your books now! Don't wait until the first week of school. Don't worry about friends, you'll find some great ones. Just make sure you don't miss out on opportunities to hang out with them. I know you will be tired, but skipping the nap will be worth it. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. They will like who you are, so don't be scared. My greatest advice to you is to enjoy every moment of it. Take advantage of the midnight adventures, the gorgeous view, and the beach! You will have time for it all. Academics, work, your boyfriend, and a social life. Not going to lie, your sleeping habits might suffer, but it is okay! I love you! Remember to love yourself! With Love, Viviane in college

Jacklyn Monique

If I had the opertunity I would tell my self to begin prioitizing assignments and develop the habits that will benefit you in college. I would also would tell myself to really look in to what you want to do with your life so you have a clearer picture with more time.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice for the coming transition to college, I would tell myself a few things. First I would advise myself to keep good communication with my family. This is because with the college life, I have seen myself get distracted with all my friends and classes but family is very important. And another thing I would tell myself is to stay organized and remember the reasons for going to college. With college comes exciting new times with friends and good memories but education is a huge part that is very important to pay attention to.


DREAM BIG, because you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. College seems like a scary thing as a graduating high school Senior. You will have a lot of freedom, no parents or siblings breathing down your back. It will just be you and your goals in life. Even though college seems a bit scary, don't make that fear hold you back from accomplishing all you can. College will open up so many doors for you. Take a grasp on your future. Look for those opportunities, while you are studying in college, that will give you an extra education outside of the classroom, in order to make you into a well-rounded person. However, know that you are not alone. Your classmates, your roommates, your professors, and the staff at your college want you to succeed. Share with them your goals and dreams, and listen to their advice with wisdom. To make the most of your college experience, make good friends, and be an active participant in the social life of college. Having a balanced college life of academics and socialization among peers will bring you the best college years of your life. Embrace it!


Dear highschool-self, If truth be told, there is not much age difference between us 2. Difference of experience however, is a very different matter. If there is something that i wish to tell you right at this very moment, it will be this. You are the luckiest girl in the world for making the friends that you are currently making right now. Treasure them and don't ever let go. So many things will be happening in college that you will find yourself not have enough time to make more friends. But you need them. You really do. Highschool friends are special in that you guys will share something that you will not find anywhere else. That is history and experience together. That will go a long way and having with someone will make life a little easier on you They will love you no matter what (and you will love them too in return). You will find home and comfort in their presence in the future. So don't let go. That is all your-20-year-old-self


Always try hard in everything that you do just because it is your senior year do not slack off anf take a year off before you go to college. In that one year you could have accomplished so much more i want you to talk to your counselors more go visit the college and get as much information on there nursing programs that you can. I know your potential and the only person holding you back is yourself.I have faith that you will succeed inlife in whatever career you may choose to do i just want you to make the right choice for yourself.


I would definitely tell myself to get better studying skills. In college, a lot of your time is spent studying, and in high school I never studied because I did well on tests. Well, I havent been studying in college either, and my test grades havent been up to par.


Don't give up on the scholarship search. You can get them! Just apply, the worst thing that will happen is that you don't get it. Learn to not stress out so much. Whether it's financial aid, or dorm life, just chill out! It's much more pleasant to live when you are at peace with your situation, even if you are in the process of changing it. God will take care of you in every way, just rely on Him.


Believe in yourself. You are smarter, stronger, and prettier than you give yourself credit for. Make sure to push yourself everyday. Find friends that encourage you and build you up. STOP DOUBTING. Get out of your comfort zone, for its the only way you will grow. Rooming with someone else is all about give and take. So GIVE. Pick your battles. Spend time getting to know one another. Find a balance in your life early on. Make a schedule and STICK to it. Work ahead. Study when you plan to study, and rest when you plan to rest. Schedule time for just yourself. Time to meditate on everything you are learning; scholastically, socially, and spiritually. Highlighters, note-cards, and the first floor of the library are your FRIENDS. Your professors are there to teach AND challenge you. Get a mentor. It is okay to be volnerable. Get involved in a student ministry, you will donate your time to helping others and will grow so much. You are about to embark on a time in your life that will be harder than anything you have ever done. You WILL SUCCEED. BELIEVE in yourself. When all else fails, get on your knees.


I would tell my self to work harder and take more advanced classes. I did not have to work very hard in high school to do well. When I started college I did not have any study habits and did poorly at first. I would also tell myself to take more time for myself to help with stress relief during college. By treating myself well with a balanced diet and exercise, I would be a stronger person to study and apply my knowledge.


Its valuable for me to attend because, my educational goals are to be the first in my family to attend college, I've been told it's "impossible" by family members and I'd like to change that view! I’d like to construct a better life for my family and I, to gain knowledge & experience in an industry that will assist people to become healthy, and to possibly one day after school is completed volunteer part of my time with what I have learned at free local clinics in my community! I've struggled with dead-end jobs for all of my working life, and I have a strong urge to become part of a team that shares a common focus "help sick people recover their health" I've yet to find that in the jobs I've acquired over the years. With the new year starting I promised myself this was the year, no more "not enough money excuses" if I receive assistance its just a plus! I would like to accomplish something in my life to be proud of, something my kids can be proud of and something my community can also be proud of!


Looking back to my first day as a freshman at Point Loma Nazarene University, I remember being a shy, sheltered, yet ambitious girl. I remember standing in my dorm room unpacking boxes with mom anticipating my new life in San Diego, feeling completely unsure and insecure. My head was full of questions; "can I really make the right decisions on my own", "will I make any friends as close as all the friends I left at home", "what if I fail and have to return home, will this all be a big waste of money"? Comparing that first day to today over 6 years later I almost want to laugh out loud, because my college experience gave me so much. I became a very strong determined indvidual who loves learning, loves traveling and studying cultures and the world around me, I found myself desiring to love and learn about all kinds of different people. I found what I am most passionate about which is working with children and family. I started out as a BioChem major and left with a degree in Child Development, which brought me to where I am now, at graduate school for Marriage and Family Therapy.


College has increased my knowledge in a global way. I am much more aware of the environment and how our choices effect our world. Point Loma has helped me discover my passion for conflict resolution and in turn that has helped direct my choices for post graduate studies. I hope to enroll in a graduate program in ethnic conflict and learn more about how I can help children in other parts of the world survive the conflicts they have been born into.


Without the college experience, my life would have been entirely different. With my undergraduate college experience I have the knowledge and the ability to find the resources to accomplish anything I set my mind to. College gave me a very broad base of so many different areas that I can hold a conversation about essentially anything. It has given me the confidence to know what I can and cannot do on my own and then to figure out how I can obtain anything if I really want it. I believe it was valuable for me to attend college because it gave me a chance to leave my hometown and life circumstances and it gave me the opportunity to make major life choices for myself that shaped me into the person I am today. College is an opportunity for each person to step up to the plate and learn a little more about what they are made of even if at the end of the four years they still have no idea what they want to do when they grown up.


I enjoyed meeting new people, it's a great experience. Living on your own, experiencing new things, and learning in classes everyday has been very valuable. I am so excited for the upcoming year, where I will discover new things, meet new people, and learn more in order to make me a better person.


I would explain dorm life, because last August, when I moved into this noisy, crowded, and lively communal living environment, I had a hard time adjusting. I hadn?t anticipated the lack of privacy, hadn?t expected the constant action buzzing in the hallways, and worst, hadn?t realized a bathroom no longer means a haven of seclusion and peace, but a bustling arena of giggling girls, temperamental showers, and the various mingling odors of strangers. It took but a day before I began to long for my bathroom, blessedly clean and non-florescent lit. I mourned the loss of my closet, larger than this coffin stuck to the wall in which I was supposed to stuff all my things. I craved my old bed, with a mattress softer than a graham cracker. And I missed my privacy. However, as I became better friends with my hall-mates, solitude became not only unimportant, but unwanted; I began to appreciate the camaraderie and support and friendship I was around all day and night. I love my dorm now, but I wish I would have understood how positive of an experience it is sooner.


Freshman year, no car, more rules than I originally was given at home and a private Christian University, is tough, but challenging for a reason. I did not fare well with that year and I think if I went into it more open minded I would have been more accepting and understanding to the reason why they created a community like that. It was not to treat us like children, but to prepare us for a world without those values and morals. We were required to respect, love, accept responsability and lead a life that God wantes us too. After the first year, things will get a lot easier and I will start to find respect for why the school goes about the community life the way they did. At times I felt as though I was in a bubble, but now I look back and am thankful for that opportunity to be surrounded with people who live for the Lord and want to live a life of purpose and succeed in a college and community based on similar morals and values!


I would tell myself to learn to manage my time better and use it for a better cause. For example, I feel that a great amount of my time during freshman year in college was wasted on video games and socializing. I was very immature. However, at the end of my sophmore year I began to realize that I could get more satisfaction from volunteering at the homeless shelter and the Emergency department at UCSD Hillcrest. I would tell my young self to get his act together and to do more for the community. We only get one chance at changing the world and we have a better chance at doing that if we start early. Organization is key and if I had learned that before entering college I would've been able to help many more people in need.


Any college is better than no college. Remember to appreciate the value of education you will be getting. Top three wisdom bombs; know your money, manage your time, and get a little crazy. Your senior year apply for as many scholarships as possible. Any college you go to will be expensive, but it will be the best investment that you make for yourself. The less debt you have, the less financial stress you will have. This is YOUR education, even if your parents are helping you out, it is still your responsibility as a student to be aware of tuition, loans, book cost, and other expenses to prepare you for your future.Time management is the hardest adjustment but necessary. There are so many ways to get involved with at any school and making sure your education is the priority will give you time for other things. Set goals for yourself each semester. Remember you are only a college student once and it is a great time to get a little crazy and do exciting things with friends you may not ever do again. Have fun, be safe, and don?t get caught. Anything worth having is worth working for.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, knowing what I know now, I would stress two components of transitioning to college. The first would be how academic excellence in high school greatly affects the future burden of financial responsibility. I would advise myself that a stronger focus on academics will open doors to better financial support and would alleviate sleepless nights worrying about heavy debt. The second would be to utilize a strong and healthy study habit that balances academic and social education that goes hand-in-hand with the college experience.


If could go back in time and talk to myself as a High School senior, there are many things and advice that I would tell myself. The First thing i would say is to apply for scholorships! I did apply to a few scholarships, but not as much as I should have. Another thing I would say is no hanging out till all of your home work is finished and that I have studied for all my tests. In my senior year, I was an average student and got decent grades. I should have studied a lot more and partied less. In my senior year of highschool, I partied a lot and went to raves.; it was the biggest regret my life. I would also have spent more time with family and close friends more before i left. I would love to go back in time to tell my self that school and family is first priority, then comes friends and fun.


If I were a highschool senior entering into Point Loma, I would tell myself about how to not let my social life overtake my schoolwork life. To invest in healthy friendships rather than shallow ones. To put as much into the schoolwork as I want to get out of it. I would tell myself to study early rather than procrastinate. I would say how important the material that I will be learning in class is. I would tell myself that it's not all about looking good for the people around me, but rather to work hard and be a upright and moral person. The most important thing that I would tell myself if I were a highschool senior going into freshman year at Point Loma, is to truly try my hardest in everything that I invest my time into: schoolwork, healthy relationships, and growing as a person morally.


Take freshman year seriously, it's important to build a good GPA straight from the beginning.


If I were to give advice to a highschool senior, looking back on when I graduated, I would tell him to take college seriously, and to make the most out of every oppurtunity and disapointment. When I came to Point Loma, I assumed it would be just like highschool and that I could just cruise along, little did I know how wrong I really was. It was only after a year of bad grades was it till I realized that college wasn't all about having fun. Once I enveloped myself in the school work and built on the good relationships in my life, did I start feeling fulfilled with my college expirience. Putting in the time and effort into each class pays off in the end, with both grades and knowledge of the material. Working on healthy relationships will only make you a stronger person. Taking the oppurtunites that life throws at you, and making the most out of them is how you learn. Handling the disapointments and learning from them makes you learn how to cope with situations. The more you really involve yourself in whatever you do, the more you can take away from those expiriences.


I would tell myself to soak up every minute with my family and friends at home. College is exciting, but it is not what you are expecting. It will be one of the biggest transitions in your life, but you can do it. Take classes seriously in high school because it will help you out in college. Do what makes you happy and spend your time doing the things you are passionate about; don't waste time doing other things. Time is precious, so enjoy each day as if it's your last. Don't plan your college experience according to money; there are scholarships avaliable and at the end of your life, it will be the memories that matter most, not the money you have saved. Spend a lot of time with your family because no matter what, they will be the ones who are there for you when you come home and at the end of each day. Don't worry about the future; worrying only takes away from the time you have, and as I said before, time is precious. Don't force yourself to grow up until you need to, because you will need to, eventually.


For many kids, college is used to get away from parents. In my case, my school is only 30 minutes away from my home. So this distance provides enough "breathing room" between home and school, but also allows me to come home and visit and get a nice home cooked meal! Your college experience should be some of the best time of your life. It is a time of growth as well as independence. Depending on your interests and financial situation, pick a school that best fits you. Don?t let anyone tell you where you should go or where you belong. When you go to your school be sure to make the friends that you will have for the rest of your life. Making great friends is one of the most rewarding things in this life. On top of friends make sure studying is also a priority. But if all you do is study, obviously you will not make any friends. So a healthy balance must be made between the two. Create both time for friends and study, and your college experience will be the greatest time of your life!


I would strongly advise them to visit the school first and to make sure the school offers subjects they are interested in. Also, the friendly faculty have made a huge differance on my time here. Therefore, when choosing a school pay close attention to how you are treated by faculty and staff, they can make or break it.


Take the time to visit the schools you are interested in and don't be affraid to apply to a lot of schools its a big decesion, so make sure to try and choose the one thats best for you.


If there was one thing I wish someone would have told me before I went into college, it would be this: Beforre you embark on this endeavor, one that will not only change the course of your life, but ultimately your perspective and framework with which you encounter the world, understand that this decision is yours to make. Do not make it for your parents, for your friends, for your mentor(s) or teacher(s), this is for you. Know what you want to pursue, and go after it. This is not something to take lightly, but incredibly seriously. In the end, when you find the world at your fingertips, do not squander the gift of education given to you, but use it for the betterment of yourself and others. And if you are paying for your college education with student loans, make damn sure you're education is worth twenty plus years of loan payments.


A name of college may influence a student in making a decision. From my experience, a name will not make the college experience good. The quality of programs available within the degree of interest is what makes the college a good place to attend. Also, find out what happens outside of school and ask yourself, "Will my child feel like he/she is trapped in a cage going to this school, or is there enough going on for them to feel free?" Pay attention to the friendliness and helpfulness of the other students and the professors. The main mistake I've seen is choosing a college soley based on the college's name.


Find someplace where you feel comfortable the first moment you step on campus. Get to know a professor or faculty member right away and have them pour into you. Get involved in a couple different activites, but do it whole heartedly. Don't spend obscene amounts of money if you don't have to, but do value your college education as an investment. Cherish the time you do spend with family, but be your own person and put yourself in challenging, uncomfortable, crazy situations so that you can learn how to be you. Study hard and be diligent, but play hard and foster good and healthy relationships. Do think about the future, but don't agonize over the 'what ifs' or the 'now what' questions; simply embrace where you are and what you're learning and be proactive in pursuing your passions. Be real. Be healthy. Enjoy this amazing period of life, no matter where you find yourself!


Research a lot about what people at the college are like, and if problems arise, get rid of them as fast as possible. My roommate first year and I had a lot of problems that we didn't get figured out, and I ended up moving to a different room. You'll want to talk with professers and such first, to make sure that you agree with a lot that goes on in class. And of course, have fun with it all!


Schools are about the students. You must find a college that fits you and your personality, your likes and dislikes. Find a college that has the classes you want, the class size you want, and the extra-curricular activities you are interested in. Get involved. Don?t be scared of trying new things, because that?s what college is all about. You will grow into the person you?ll be the rest of your life. You?ll meet the life long friends because when you go to college and live together, you will become family. That family is family for life. Yes starting something new is a scary thing to do, but if you pick the right one, the one that is most like you, it won?t be a scary thing any more because you?ll soon over time will become familiar with it. College, if you let it, will become like home, where you can meet life long friends, good professors, and a get a good education. Now the choice is yours, where will you grow?