Point Loma Nazarene University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There can be pressure to maintain a certain image as a student at PLNU. The rules that you agree to at the beginning of your college experience can be frustrating because as you end your college experience you may not feel the same way you did when you first signed the rule agreements.


My campus is very small and most of the buildings are old. The dorms are not very nice buildings and there is not much do do on weekends at all. on campus. I would say the most frusterating thing is the fact that the campus life is not very lively. There is not too many activities to attend other than the few sports games. The campus life could definately use some livening!


The emphasis Point Loma puts on 'teach, shape, send' and sometimes an incongruence with those values...often I feel more restricted and limited than enabled by certain rules or practices.


Very restrictive "covenant" rules, and frustrating application to live off-campus.




The conservative streak that prevents acceptance and love to flourish. The rules which make us feel like children. The no dancing policy.


THe most frustrating thing about Point Loma is how many students complain about the rules here, even though they know what the rules are before they come here; if you're coming here, expect rules, and if you don't like rules, then don't come, there are lot's of other schools in San Diego.


They are currently working to alleviate this problem, but parking can be very frustrating.


Being accountable to "The Covenant" while taking classes, which states that students shall not partake in alcohol, drugs, pre-marital sex and so on.