Point Loma Nazarene University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


There are a lot of things that I did not know before I attended college; however, I believe it was necessary for me to discover those things on my own and learn how to deal with them, and, essentially, learn how to be an adult. Everyday, we will encounter situations that we feel unprepared for. I believe that college gave me the opportunity to adapt to many circumstances, and this skill has transferred to my post-college life. The best advice I can give is not to fear the unknown, but to embrace it.


The inconsistency of administration as a private university is innappropriate. The school investors control much of the campus life, such as clubs that are/are not approved, as well as activities that will not be supported by the campus because of conservative Nazarene alumni/faculty/investors. For example, homosexuality and non-traditional roles for women in the church/household are not accepted. The students are well taken care of, however this causes dependency and stunted maturity that does not prepare them for post graduation responsibilities. Ethnically diverse students are used for advertisement and it is wildly unrealistic.


I wish I would have known who to talk to; advisors, counselors, etc. I was a transfer student and receieved little help on finding out who I could go to in order to do certain things. It wasn't until I emailed everyone in a department until finally someone responded to me with the information. My advice is to just pick the department heads and seek guidance by them regardless if they are "assigned" to you.


I wish I had known about all the great clubs, groups, after school activities that are provided to all studetns, before I came to the school. Since I already had a part time job and over the minimum amount of full-time classes, I wasn't able to participate in all the different activities, becuase my time was filled up. I still attended as many events as I could, but wish I had given myself some more free time in order to participate in more.


I wish that I had known that God would take care of me. I spent so much time fretting about financial aid, but I knew that I needed to be at this school. I still don't have all the money, but I know that the education is totally worth the discomfort that I feel until it's totally paid for.


I knew a lot about the school going into it becuase I had visited many times and was able to get questions anwered. I did not realize that my school was as spiritually challenging as it was accademically challenging. The faculty and staff encourage students to find out what they believe, and incorporate that in our everyday lives. This brings a whole new dimension to college atmosphere.


That the students form cliques very easily.


That it seems very sheltered.


Save money in High School to pay for my expenses in college, to pay back my parents, my car, food, school, and other things.


That is would be so cliquey. Girls are all a certain way and hang with girls that are just like them and no one else.


Nothing significant


I wish that I would have known what the living situation was like.


That the beach isn't right next door.


I wish I would have focused more on my schooling in high school


I wish I would have realized that living by a beach means that you have to make the effort everyday not to take the beauty for granted.