Point Loma Nazarene University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the view and location. I have the amazing blessing of seeing the ocean every single day. I am blown away by the beauty of nature and it reminds me of the wonder of this world and everything it has to offer. The weather is amazing as well. Sunny almost every single day.


I believe the best thing about my school is the small close knitt community within it. It isn't a large school so it provides opportunity to meet people and interact with people of various backgrounds and cultures. My school also has amazing teachers who are dedicated to a student's success and is willing to go beyond standard protocal and help students.


The best thing about or school is also what makes us unique, which is th view of the beach that we are so fortunate to have. I get to look out and see the waves crash onto the shore because we are on the edge of the ocean. The sunset on the ocean never gets old as the sky turns shades of purple, pink, and orange.


The best thing about my school is its atmosphere. It is a religious school, which automatically adds a sense of community on campus. Second I am surrounded by people who have the same lifestyle and values. It is an enriching and welcoming environment.


Point Loma Nazarene University has an amazing support system of staff and professors. I was able to openly speak with any staff in the Admissions Office, the Financial Services office, the Records office, etc. All people from all offices were very helpful and truly wanted to the best for me and my college career. The professors I had in my upper major classes put a lot of interest into me, my classwork, and my future career. They always looked for internships and job opportunities for me and gave me great reccommendations.


I definately love the fact that they are a Christian school, and the fact that the campus is located directly on the beach does not suck either. It's awesome to be able to look at the beautiful world that He created and just revel in the fact that we can learn about Him. In addition to being in awe of His creation, we can give Him glory by excersising our minds and educating ourselves.


It's right on the beach; literally, you can see the beach from some dorm windows. The weather is so perfect most of the time, that i usually do my homework right there on the beach!


Point Loma Nazarene University is a very prestigious school as well as a very beautiful school. The education and classes are great; the teachers here are very friendly and helpful and most of the people here are too. The school is located on a ciff that outlooks the beautifull ocean and has great surf. Being a surfer, I love to walk down to surf when ever i want. Over all PLNU is a grea school; great education, great people, beautifull campus, and great surf.


The small population allows for a better learning environment.


The fact that Point Loma is small, it allows for professors to really engage in the students work. The amount of work that is usefull is significant compared to the "busy work." The tutors are extremely helpful here. The on campus housing is really nice and accomidating to students in each and every way.


The best thing about my school is definately the location. It is right on Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. Because i am a surfer, I love this. Of course the academics are great but I really love the fact that my school is right on the Pacific ocean!


The teachers have a great interest in the students' success. Many internships and research opportunities are also available. Small class size permits for better learning.


The best thing about the school is definitel the student to professor ratio (approx. 30:1).


Campus Location and the quality of the people and community


There is too many things to do, and I can't do it all!


The spirit of love in every one you meet, professor or fellow student.


The education I received in my major, an the small class sizes. Also the great faculty.