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What's unique about your campus?

This school is a great school for Christian students who do not want to be influenced by the things that go on at secular colleges. All the classes are based on the Word of God and challenge you to grow spiritually as well as academically. There is a very non traditional student program for those who are adult, have families, full time jobs etc. You still graduate in the same amount of time but you only go to class once a week, the rest is done on line.

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I believe that the setup of college is the best asset that college has to offer. Because college students aren't in the same classes everyday it is easier for them to pass their classes. As a result, colleges believe that students need as much time as the can to study and make the best grades possible.

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The best thing about my school is the help that professor are willing to give each and every student. We are more than just a number in the crowd, our professors and staff memebers really care about the students in every aspect of life.

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