Polk State College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Welcome Back Week


I don't attend the Winter Haven campus, I attend the Lake Wales campus but it wasn't listed in the selection. PSC in Lake Wales is most known for the lack of parking, location and size of the campus. There are 5 classrooms in the whole building.


My school is best known for as the school that recently had its name changed to Polk State College -- formerly Polk Community College. I wish I could say something more interesting about my school, but the truth is that my school isn't "best known" for any particular thing.


sorry I really don't know...


Polk Community College offers a variety of degree programs. An Associates degree in Nursing is one among many, and which is one of the best programs offered. The nursing program at PCC has a great reputation in the state of Florida for its success and effectiveness. PCC also has a great girls soccer team, one of the best in the nation! Nonetheless, along with these two great features PCC also offers many great programs, resources, and learning experiences to not be overlooked!


My school is best known for our great Nursing program.