Polytechnic Institute of New York University Top Questions

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What sets North Carolina Central aside from others is the seminars and sessions they offer to freshmen to enure they will succeed academically on campus.


Polytechnic University, unlike many other schools, gives substantial, merit based scholarships to a large portion of the students. This means that the cost of schooling is greatly reduced without needing to fit into a specific need category. The school also has a strong Honors Program, that couples challenging core courses with a community that both stimulates the mind and provides a platform to go on outings with like minded people funded by the program, including shows, food and scavenger hunts throughout New York City.


poly needs to create more events that involve everyone. administrators are not going to help anyone create an event. they wont even give your club any money to start an even


The students come from various backgrounds making Polytechnic one of the most diverse universities in the country. The emphasis on innovation and invention is very strong, and the students get to work with the proffesionals in their field. I think Polytechnic gives a unique opportunity for students to explore science related fields through lots of research and internships. Polytechnic also allows students to start their own companies under the supervision of their professors, who play the role of the mentors.


There are many international students that monopolize the students' resources, for example, library, computer labs, on-campus work, professor hours.


NYU-Poly is small school with small sized classrooms. That is what I like


The history that it has produced over the years.


It's in the heart of Brooklyn