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What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the fact that I don't have to take general education courses and can go directly in major related courses from the getgo. I also tend to brag about the fact that it is in New York City, which I think is the greatest city in the world, so I may be a little biased.


To be honest, there is a lot to brag about Poly. It is a mediocre school with small facilities. The school is paired up with NYU now and perhaps in the future it may become better than what it is now.


I tell people that NYU-Poly is a highly rigorous engineering school and that it is a great research institution. I tell my friends that chances are that if I maintain a certain level of interest in science while I'm a student at Poly; and if I'm willing to put forth the effort to succeed, I'll discover or innovate something great.


I like telling my friends of all the job opportunities out there after finishing my degree. There are also many opportunities to get a job within the school, as well as, outside the school. For example, I am currently holding three job positions at my university. Also, in the city, you can find almost any opportunity. The important thing is to know where to look.


That it's part of NYU and that I'm going to have a great paying job when I graduate. And that it's in NYC


I love that my school is located in possibly the two coolest cities on the planet - Manhattan and Brooklyn. I am just a subway ride away from fashion shows in Bryant Park, concerts at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and the diverse people right outside the Bobst Library and Washington Square Park where I spend most of my days. My friends back home get jealous when I tell them how movies are filmed right outside my local coffee shop and how I see so many famous people just casually ordering a classic slice of thin crust behind me.


Most of the time I say that I got better grades than them, this is why I am going to a private college which is expensive.


You have no personal life here.


i brag mostly about living in new york city. my school is located in a prime area in brooklyn and im minutes from manhattan. for excersize, i can run over the brooklyn bridge because it is only 2 blocks away. i am surrounded by brownstone houses and treelined blocks. the location is everything.


you know everyone.