Polytechnic Institute of New York University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Poly has excellent computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The philosophy of entrepreneurship and invention at this school is unparalled with numerous workshops, clubs, competitions, and even a freshman forum class aimed at helping kids develop their own ideas, securing patents, and seeking funding through grants and investors. This school is especially good for the growing population of students interested in generating or participating in new tech start-ups or for students who are looking to major in a computer field and join one of the many prestigious internships available.


Goal oriented, quick learners who are comfortable with a lot of mathematics and direct learning styles.


You should be interested in either Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Computer Science/Programming, or Digital Media. You should also be able to commit all your passion and energy towards academics, for it is incredibly difficult.


People who are not satistied with not knowing.


A person who loves challenging him or herself and is not intimidated by meeting some really intellecutal people should attend this school.


A person who is disciplined and determined for his future. The person should have focus only on studies. This school needs creativity. Most of the students think about ideas which helps the environment and saves energy. Therefore there is alot of competition between students and professor to create new projects which helps this world.


Someone who's willing to give up most of their social life in order to achieve mediocrity. (In order to achieve excellence, you'd have to give up all of your social life, plus the rest of your life, too.)


Someone with a very strong interest in the fields of science and engineering. But now that the school is NYU Poly, many new students are flooding in.


I am friendly, intellgent, successful and hardworking student.


Someone interested in science and engineering


A determined , focused student who desires a career in engineering.


those who can stand doing alot of math and works hard.


Someone who is very studies more and is academically oriented