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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The finances will be tough, but the education you recieve will be worthwhile, an investment for the future. The right college depends on your preferences, such as if you like small sized classrooms, or how good is the school at job-placement after graduation.


First, be sure what you ( or your kids) wants to study, then of course the financial aid offered to you becuase without that you can be stranded in the journey of your education.


To Parents and/or Students, In order to find the right college and making the most of your college experience, you MUST do the following: Yoy should discuss all possible options for yourself with those around you [parents, peers, teachers, guidance couselor, potential choice of college faculty and students. You should also consider the college's history, location, quality of education, social life activities, and overall appearance of the college before you make your final decision. You should, of course, make sure that your financial aid package is exactly what you should be getting from the school and the state.


find somethingyou really want to do


The best thing a parent/student can do when deciding on a college is to visit the college beforehand and attend a class in a subject that is interesting to you.


The college experience you have is based on what you put into it. Don't expect a university to hand you a diploma and a good time. You have to put yourself out there and work hard; if you do, it will be worth it.


Choose a college based on the long-term benefits. Keep in mind that you/ your child are going to that college for the best education that fits you/your child 's career. Always give your best effort foward in class and social aspect. A positive reputation will give a big advantage.


Presently, the college competition has become a fierce and ?cut-throat? environment. Today?s youth feels the ceaseless pressure to be the best, with the hopes of gaining recognition from prestigious universities. In order to be accepted into these fine institutions, students must not only excel academically, but participate in activities which will denote them as a ?well-rounded candidate.? Schoolwork not only takes an ample amount of time, but participation in the broad spectrum of activities takes even more dedication. With these two cogent ideals, the ability to work and earn money seems inconceivable to the youth today. Clearly, there are not enough hours in a day to excel in the classroom, participate in extracurricular activities, and lessen financial burdens by earning and saving money. Today?s youth must take the arduous decision between their college profile and their economic standings. I view my career goal as a privilege, one in which I will always strive to do my best. Although academic achievements do not come very easily to me, working hard has taught me to persist, even when things prove difficult. The most substantial component when making your decision is passion. Passion is the foundation for success.


Determine your purpose. Explore what you really want to do in life and find out how whatever school you're attending can help you do that. Take advantage of any opportunities you come accross to help you accomplish that (join a student club, attend events your school offers, do an internship, compete in a competition for your area of interest, take classes outside your major, do independent project research, talk to people in industry and find out why they work at their job). Most of us have don't know what we want to do after we graduate or even for the rest of our life (except do something and make money). I have found that determining your purpose and working your hardest towards being the best you can be in fulfilling that purpose will lead you to job opportunities and the money.


Before attending a college, you should think about which city you are going to want to live. Above all, choose a college you'd like to go. So visit colleges before you make a choice.


Carefully think about what you want a career in. It is not neccessary to know what your major will be your first year. But you have a couple of career paths and majors picked. And pick a college that has good programs for all the courses you are interested in. So, what ever you decide, your options will be open.


Parents - let your kids choose what college they want to go to and only warn them if you can't finacially support them if they choose some really expensive school. Students - good luck whereever you choose. As far as i care, there is no right or wrong college, there is only if you like it or not and sometimes you might need to choose between going to the "right" school and one that you can go to.


The college experience depends on the type of person you are. Different colleges have different types of atmospheres for each person. There are colleges that social people can thrive well in and small colleges where those who wish to blend in the crowd can do so. Think about education first above anything else. Once you find the perfect school for your education, then you can worry about other factors such as financial aid or campus atmosphere. To make the most out of your college experience make sure you go to a college of your choosing. Don't let you parents or friends steer you towards a college becuase they like it, it is you that is paying for college and getting the most out of it helps you in life. Once your college experience is over than you will have to deal with the real world. It is best to make sure your college can prepare you for that experience. College is the most life-changing experience and it is in your best intrest to make the most out of it.


Definately find a school that the student likes. Make sure it has your major and is in a good location. Try to live on campus, but if you dont' like it, find an off campus apartment as soon as you can, it can often be cheaper, but is a different experience. Work hard in school and try to get internships for the summer. This will help build your resume.


Visit schools you wish to attend so that you have a 'feel' of what it's like there.


Look around different schools in different neighborhoods. Try to go out of state so you can get a feel of the world around you . Try to get out of your comfort zone and explore other things while at school. You can make lifelong friends and need to make the most of the four years you're about to adventure on.


choose one that concentrates more on what your child wants to do, or helps them decide their career path. It helps when your child doesnt have to think about how to pay off their loans, a reasonable tuition also helps deciding what school.