Polytechnic Institute of New York University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Polytechnic is the girl/boy ratio. There are fewer girls than guys because Poly is an engineering school and girls don't usually persue that career, but its getting better. The past year it has changed a little. The ratio used to be 7 guys to 3 girls, but now its 6 guys to 4 girls.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it can get a bit overcrowded sometimes; it's not the biggest of schools and it has a lot of students.


extremely challenging


There is a small girl-to-guy ratio. So it gets a bit bland in class.


At times the communication between the students and the school is terrible. For example, they recently switched the email system that the school emails are on, which meant that email would not be forwarded as per the previous settings. There was only ever one email that I remember getting about the switch, and it was text heavy and difficult to understand. This lack of clear, useful communication meant that many students, myself included, didn't get email for a week or two until we went and found someone who knew what had happened.


The most frustrating about the school has to be the registration process. Seniors registering first and freshmen last. Because the school does not have that much of a variety of classes, they fill up very quickly and by the time freshmen register, most desired classes are already closed. Also since there is a very limited amount of sections available, sometimes there is only one possible schedule to select from. It is like playing Tetris with your schedule.


That there are no good looking women, and most of the school consists of nerds.


Knowing the material and teaching the material are two completely different things. While the professors at my school definitely are fluent in their respective fields, only few are skilled at the art of conveying the material to students. This is what frustrates me the most about Polytechnic Institute of NYU. The methods I use to overcome this are tutors, multiple books, various websites, knowledgeable friends, or a combination of the above. If a professor could add teaching to their list of expertise, then you wouldn’t have to be an expert in their field to understand it, either.


a limited amount of social clubs and organizations.


Aid with money, and intense work.


The financial aid office....they always miss one or more of your scholarships. this results in spending time at the financial aid office and getting the bill fixed.


i wish my school had a larger campus. i know it is difficult being in a city to build a campus widely, however there should be morethan just 2 seven story buildings. i also wish we had a better meal plan where we could use flex bucks that can be used in local cafes and chain stores.