Polytechnic Institute of New York University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Coming out of high school I wanted to study physics. I was trying to decide between a few school choices, but in the end I chose NYU-Poly because it offered me a lot of financial aid and also because its philosophy of invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship offered excellent opportunities for my other great desire to start my own tech business. After arriving here, I learned that the physics program is only 3 years old and no one has even graduated yet; if I had known how small the physics program was, I may have chosen a different school.


I wish I had known that AP credit would have helped a great deal in getting ahead in my studies. The credits would have raised my chances of being accepted into the BS/MS program as well as made it easier to complete the program in 4 years.


I wish i had known just how intense the material was. I wish I knew the diversity of the student body and that I, a white person from a middle class suberban area in southern california, would feel like a minority in this school and surrounding area.


What you apply on the Common App, despite switching majors before the financial aid packages were decided on, highly affects your package.


about the school...its athletic and area of the school..its placements etc


Stay focused on the main goals, the goals that have a prize.


What my focus in life was going to be


Well, I wish i would have put more effort into not procrastinating. As freshmen, students are usually used to doing it while still gettng enough sleep. However, in college that is quite impossible with the workload.




That there isn't much of a campus feeling.