Pomona College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


One of the things Pomona College is best known for is its dedication to sustainability. It was only after visiting UCSD for a weekend and living at UC Riverside for two weeks that I realized just how sustainable Pomona is. For example, there are stickers on the back of each door reminding students in our gender neutral bathrooms to turn the lights off when they leave and stickers on the mirrors reminding us to conserve water. Not only can we check out fluorescent light bulbs, drying racks, and compost bins, but there are also compost bins in each dining hall.


Pomona College is best known for its strong liberal arts education. Students are in a challenging, stimulating, and supportive academic environment--both inside and outisde of the classroom. The professors at Pomona really care about their students and focus on teaching, so that graduates of the college are critical thinkers, communicators, writers, and learners. People also often have intellectual discussions outside of class, which enhance their liberal arts education.


My school is best known for its small classes, accessibility to professors, beautiful location, and its happy students.


Being laid back. Though I am not one of those people, the whole campus is just relaxed.


Small classes, close-knit community, great weather.


Pomona is known for being a small, close community with strong programs in psychology, biology, neuroscience, and environmental analysis. It is often cited as one of the "happiest colleges" in America, mainly because of its location in sunny Southern California. People here LOVE sustainability and will talk your ear off about the best ways to save the environment. Politics are also strong here - the presidential election was an incredibly exciting time. People here are pretty friendly and generally content, which means that apathy is also a bit of a problem.


High academics standards, laid-back attitude, small class sizes.


Pomona's best known for the amount of support it gives students as it guides us through our liberal arts educations, this support makes the process easier and opens up many doors.