Pomona College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Pomona College? Why?


The social bubble--the school is tiny, there is little to no interaction with the FOUR other under-graduate colleges on campus, people know way too many personal things about other people they've never met (a symptom of many small school environments), etc. etc. I knew people's penis sizes, who slept with who, who was gay and who was straight, who drank and who abstained, the few people who had zero friends, etc. etc.


Pomona is in Claremont, which is a charming yet isolated village. The closest grocery store is Trader Joe's, which is pretty expensive for college students. Luckily, we are close to the metro station, but to get anywhere worth traveling to, you have to be on the train for forty-five minutes. So we are not it the best location for going off-campus.


The radical temperature differences that you find within one day. It starts out cold, gets warm, then gets cold again, if you have classes/work all day you have to almost pack extra clothes, or removable ones. Also, everyone here is always really busy and about half of the students dont sleep enough. The other half almost sleeps too much though.


A girl named rose. but she leaves in 3 years


The school is very liberal, which many people consider to be a good thing. Politically, it is, but if you're religious like I am, it can sometimes seem a little intolerant. This school is just so academia-focused, that if someone is trying to be a scientist, or any scholar in general, with a religious background, people tend to look down on you, even if they don't say it to your face.


I think the worst aspect of Pomona College is its train system. Although the train station is conveniently just below campus, and the train goes straight into Union Station, LA, the trains do not come very often and can make it very difficult to plan a trip to Los Angeles. The trains also stop running fairly early, so without a car you can't spend a night out on the town.


The administration tries to control partying and drug/alcohol use too much through fines, to the extent that people end up just taking shots in their rooms because much else will get the RA's attention. A lot of people choose to party at CMC instead too.