Pomona College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


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Maybe that they are pretentious, nerdy, or philosophical.


The worn-out and slightly true stereotype is elitism among Pomona students.


We're intelligent. We're dedicated and driven. We think we go to an Ivy League school. We believe we're elite or smarter than students from the other 4 Claremont colleges. We're not competitive with each other. We're either incredibly involved, perhaps even over-stretched, or apathetic. We're socially awkward. The school encourages student driven work and research and supports such endeavors financially and otherwise. We're more diverse--in many senses of the word--than many other small liberal art schools because we are need blind. We're happy and laid-back.


The stereotype of Pomona students is that they are elitists.


I don't know of too many....maybe that the students are very liberal, determined, smart, diverse (but still segregated).


Pretentious nerds.


When I meet somebody from another campus they always seem surprised and say, "Wow, you're so nice. They say Pomona students are kind of snobby." You might also get the sense that we say Pomona is better, the classes are more challenging, and it's just better than then other Claremont colleges.




We study too much. We are stuck up.


everyone is brilliant and studies all the time everyone is from southern california


Pomona students are sterotyped as being a little nerdy and pretentious and tend to keep to themselves more than the students at the other colleges in claremont


Elitists of the 5-Cs, think they are better than everyone else


Pomona students are smart and liberal.


The biggest stereotype is that all Pomona students are elitist and the think they're better than everyone else.


At least in the 5 colleges, Pomona has the stereotype of being the "snobby" one.


That we're all from California, (maybe) that we're not that big on partying, and that the school is super PC.


Pomona students are largely compared to the other four Claremont colleges as feeling superior and smarter. While each school is known for a particular academic specialty, Pomona focuses on a broader education with no one area being most heavily focused on. Pomona students are stereotypically at the top of their high school class and over-involved, yet relatively friendly.


Claremont (Where Pomona College is located) is often clalled land of trees and PHDs. By listing what I assume to be stereotypes of Pomona students I would just be distorting the reality of the students who attend my school. All I can say is that among my group of friends they are passionate, activists, intelligent, compassionate, and leaders.


Pomona as a school: Liberal Great location with great campus Small School Good Student to Teacher ratio with great teachers that care about students Pomona Students: Smart Nerdy Hard Working Not great looking


One of these, among Pomona's sister colleges, is that we are arrogant because Pomona was the first school founded of the five colleges. Additionally, there is the stereotype of intellectuals that are constantly sun-bathing, and Pomona students are thought to be generally non-competitive and laid back.


Smart, laid-back, well-rounded, friendly, a tad-conceited, love the Bay Area, Portland and Seattle but don't like LA, passionate about learning but aren't insanely intensive about academics


That we're very elitist and arrogant, we think we're the best students ever, we're very liberal and a little hippie-ish, we're wealthy and upperclass.


There are t-shirts made on campus each year mocking all of the five schools in the Claremont consortium. Year after year, the pomona t-shirt says: "we aren't pretentious, we're just better than you". There's quite a bit of rivalry in the consortium, and we get painted as the snooty academics who think we're smarter than everyone else.


Brainy, introverted, arrogant


Cons: Academically snobby and overly liberal. Pomona takes political correctness past a healthy and beneficial point. Pros: Laid back, non-competitive atmosphere. Students enjoy critical thinking over rote memorization.


happy, laid-back, cooperative learning environment, better then CMC students


Around the five campuses Pomona students are sometimes considered the brains. Two stereotypes I have created myself that I struggle with are the Pomona has a relatively homogenous student body, sometimes discouragingly so.


People, especially at the other 5 colleges, think Pomona students are stuck up.


At least among the Claremont Colleges, the Pomona stereotype is that our students are pretentious and conceited.


Elitist, insecure about lack of name recognition of their college of choice, very politically correct, everyone's really happy.


People- especially at the other four colleges- think Pomona students are stuck-up elitists.


Pomona students are supposedly pretentious or condescending.


I don't even know what the stereotypes about Pomona students are. I think they're supposed to be smart.


Pomona students are sterotyped as elitist and pretentious while simultaneously laidback in comparison to their east-coast counterparts.


They are brilliant people who like to have a good time and aren't too competitive.


The stereotypical Pomona student is arrogant, preppy, brilliant, multi-talented/multi-tasking, rich, pretentious, and elitist.


A lot of people classify Pomona students as pretentious, extremely liberal, and nerdy.


Among the Claremont Colleges we are stereotyped as the "elitist" college, but that's far from reality, in my experience.


That they are really rich and full of themselves. That they think they are too smart to bother being nice or just not mean.


The Sagehens of Pomona are stereotyped as smart, liberal, politically correct, West-Coast/California types, who live a sheltered and cushy life.


That we're elitist and think we're better than everyone else. Especially the students of the other four colleges in the Claremont Consortium.


People at the other four C's tend to think we are a bit elitist...And, honestly, we are a little snobby, but that's not always a bad thing. Most Pomona students are very confident but relaxed. We don't all graduate knowing what we are going to do with our lives, but we are all ready to take on the world...Just so long as it plays nice.


That we think we're smarter than the other colleges in the Claremont Consortium.


Pomona students work hard and play hard. They are the smartest students at the 5Cs and we know it. So does everyone else.


The prevalent stereotype about Pomona students, around the 5Cs at least (but I've heard it said elsewhere), is that they are stuck up and pretentious. They are known for thinking they (and their school) are vastly superior to the rest of the 5Cs. The students are also known for being mostly rich white kids (but that's true for the 5Cs generally). I guess the college is also known for having a lot of gay people attending it and for being very liberal.


The biggest stereotype held by members of the other four colleges is that Pomona students are stuck-up and elitist.


One of the main stereotypes about Pomona students are that they are pretentious when compared to students from the other four Claremont Colleges. Another stereotype is that Pomona students are angry or bitter about not getting into Ivy League colleges.


Students, at least those from the other Claremont Colleges, will sometimes stereotype Pomona students as elitist.


Among the claremont colleges, Pomona students are sometimes considered to be elitist.