Pomona College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Motivated free thinkers should look at this school. Analyze everything, take nothing for granted. Care about education and care about understanding the universe on a deeper level without being lost in the impracticality of philosophy.


Energetic, liberal, outgoing, friendly, outdoorsy, hard-working.


A smart, curious, hardworking student would fit in nicely at Pomona. A potential Pomona student should be ready to learn and explore and try new things. He or she should be ready to work hard but have fun and enjoy his or her time here. Students who love to learn, not because they want a particular job or want to make lots of money, should consider Pomona.


Anyone who enjoys academic challenges and being actively involved in their education. Come to Pomona with an open mind an a willingness to share your ideas and change your opinions.