Pomona College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are not intellectually curious, or are not highly motivated, Pomona College may not be the right college for you. If you are not a hard worker, do not love beautiful weather, and do not love to meet interesting and slightly quirk people, Pomona College may not be the right fit for you. If you are extremely introverted or shy, Pomona College might not work for you. If you need to watch and cheer for Divions I sports every weekend, (instead of play Divison III) you might want to go to a Division I school.


If you are a person that sticks to the status quo and does not ask questions then Pomona is not the place for you. There is this curious, and almost defiant (in a good way) nature about Pomona students. It's this idea that "if you are going to tell me this is how something is supposed to be, then you need to give me a valid reason of why that is". You need to be willing to take initiative and ask "why?"


A person who does not like to be challanged or settles for average should not attend Pomona College.


If you are really conservative, it might be hard to adjust to Pomona's very liberal population. We are a campus devoted to the consideration of everyone's rights and freedoms, which can sometimes lead to discussions that are pedantic and overy politically correct if you're not used to it. If you don't believe in the importance of social justice firmly, then this isn't the place for you.


Someone who really likes lots of hard drugs, someone who's very socially conservative and outspoken about it, someone who would not be comfortable in a very liberal environment, someone who's lazy, anyone who likes being unhappy, antisocial people, and sociopaths.


Someone used to an exciting social life in a big city.


You should not attend Pomona College if you are not academically driven. The student body is laid back and friendly, but works very hard. In addition, you should not go to Pomona if you are uptight or unfriendly--it will probably confuse you how nice everyone can be. If you want to fade into the woodwork, this is also not a good school for you; Pomona is small, and it is easy to know a lot about other people on campus. Finally, if you need the city atmosphere, Pomona student life is centered around campus, next to a small town.


Don't come to Pomona if you: love really intense academic competition, want to join a frat or sorority, love competitive sports/cheering at games, want a city/interesting cultural events, don't drink alcohol or do any drugs, want a high-falutin' internship, work hard for social justice, or are totally academically lazy.


I think Pomona is a great place for almost anyone. Maybe if you are not very talented at anything or are close minded, then don't go there, but you probably won't see Pomona on your college list anyway. Usually Pomona is on the same list as a lot of top schools. As to Pomona being chosen over, say, Amherst or Williams, I haven't been to those schools, so I wouldn't know. But I know I picked Pomona over those schools, early decision, when I would have probably gone there, for many, many obvious reasons.