Pomona College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


nothing. It was a wonderful experience


Before I had come to Pomona College, I wish I had known that you could have requested not to have a roommate. Although the housing application does not specifically give a space to request a single, Pomona has more than enough housing, so much that next year at least three combined floors of Smiley and Norton-Clark III are being dedicated to Scripps students. In the class of 2014, every freshman who requested to have a single got one, and many people who wanted a roommate, or at least assumed they were going to have one, got a single, too.


I wish I had known that taking Chemistry first semester is a must if a student is at all considering a major in the sciences (or other interdisciplinary fields encompassing science).


I wish I would have known that all of those AP classes I took in high school aren't that big of a help at this school. I mean, they probably helped me get into this college, but they don't count a whole lot toward course credit. They give you two extracurricular credits if you took at least that many AP exams and did well on them, and you can test out of the language requirement if you got a 5 on a language exame, but that's pretty much it.


I wish I had known that most of the students are kind of boring and the immediate surrounding area isn't that exciting, but the larger surrounding area has lots of offer and Pomona has a great outdoors program.


Can't think of anything. I loved it.