Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez Top Questions

What should every freshman at Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez know before they start?


first of all, my best advice is that love is power, that only he who perseveres wins. you can never look back. and you always have to be focused on your goal to fulfill. and you always have to have confidence in yourself and in God above. never too late to try again until you get what you want.


If I could go back I would advice myself to stay on tract. Not to be nervous and know that you are in charge of the direction your life is going. Do not be afraid to take chances and just go for what you want to do. There is no way to fail as long as you get back up and try again.


I will give myself the advice of knowledge of what its the real meaning of college what to do, how to treat people and knowing the importance to study and what the future will have for myself. Also if I will have the chance to go back in time, I will not change nothing of my decitions about college life. Thank You..


Look for careers that you like and that have a high need. Concentrate on the studies and do your best.


If I was in high school and I play college entrance, study faster now because the pell grant is for less years and costs many studies. I need the money.


Studying more hard!


Take grades more serious, that way you'll have more study options available and simply enjoy the jorney. You only live once and High School is one of the most beautifull experiences in life. College life is more serious, mature and job oriented...


I have to be educated and get a day every day that everything changes and every day we learn something new. Personally I have to improve a better person to do so to provide my skills to other people and that they can enjoy them.


mantain focused on classes and have a high gpa


I will say to myself yrenis go to a college in where you can be fully prepared to persuit your career in medicine