Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico-Ponce Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My college it is a place that motivates you to go and study in peace.


My university is fully competitive and high professional growth.


My advice to other students of the Pontificial Catholic University of Puerto Rico-Ponce is to continue to explore what they want to be, and not be swayed by others. They should finish their studies, because the studies are important to obtain a good trade.


I'ts an amazing collage which you can learn and gain more knowledge in different things


school is a very good environment for study and university life that young people need today, also offers many range of university courses in which you can desempeñarte


The Pontifical Catholic University is religion plus profesioal education.


An institution that believes that the students knowledge, success and future are the priority.


This University is a beautiful pleace with an excellent teachers.


A wonderfull world filled of oprtunities, knowledge and experience, full of challenges that prepares you for be a leader on the professional world.


is my alma mater, i love my school and i love my career


Pontificial Catholic University of Puerto Rico-Ponce is a comfortable place compound of competent professors who are jeopardize with an excellent education.


my school is calm with good people.


The Pontifical catholic University of Puerto Rico Ponce is a beautiful and large campus that have a lot of variety of courses and students.


My university is the better


The Pontifical University of Puerto Rico enfatized in the education of the students, and help the student to finish her career and to graduate with satisfaction.


The Pontifical Catholic University Of Puerto Rico in Ponce, is very big, and is very nice and colorful, have a lot of trees and plants, in the all areas, also all the buildings are quite far, you have to walk far to go to classes, but is fun and walking you do exercises! I think that was the purpose of the President, I can also say, the rooms are always fresh, organized, and clean, the bathrooms are always clean, as also the corridors. The two libraries they're super bigs and comfortable, filled with books and materials, and also computers!


My school is catholic, so they doesn't only teaches you the career classes they filled those classes with the humanity of the catholics and the good will of them.


My school is complete and fun to be in.


Very high cuality yet expensive


La Catolica es una universidad muy buena para prepararse y educarse para el futuro.


The Ponthifica Catholic University is one of the best Universities in Puerto Rico, and it is one of the most complete university.


My school is my second home, I spend more time there than I actually do at home, at first it was difficult to get used to such a big school with so many new people, but now I just love being there.


The School of Architecture in the Ponfical Catholic University of Puerto Rico is the future for all architecture schools.


The university where I study is very good and my fills me with satisfaction.


My university is a place trying to improve the educational level of my country and offering an excellent program, and making big efforts to goal it and to became a place for the innovation, thought and growth for all human being.


This university promote the religion and is good place to develop like human


A good place for study.


My college has the facilities and support I need for my knowledge and job growth, academic and evangelization exelence my height.